21 best strategy games for Android (2021)

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Lovers of strategy games have options to get bored if they play with Android devices. Just enter the Play Store category of the same name to discover hundreds of strategy games, some of which are particularly exciting.

Creating your armies and organizing them to win battles are some of the things you need to do in these types of games to prove that you are the best strategist. Free or paid, we collect which are the best strategy games that you can enjoy right now on Android.

The 21 best strategy games for Android

  • Plague Inc.
  • Defense zone 3
  • Lords and Knights
  • plants versus zombies
  • Clash of Clans
  • Hacker
  • Digfender
  • Royal clash
  • Crazy chef
  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • mafia city
  • Boom Beach
  • Bloons TD 5
  • race of the kingdom
  • Antiyoy
  • Star Wars: Commander
  • Command and Conquer: Rivals
  • Storm Castle
  • Clash of gentlemen
  • Megapolis
  • Empire and allies

Plague Inc.

Curious is the adjective that could define Plague Inc., one of the most popular mobile strategy games. In this particular title, your mission is spreading a lethal epidemic to end all human beings. As you infect humanity, you must try to prevent it from successfully protecting itself from your pathogen.

Developed by Miniclip, this game is available for free in the Android app store, although it includes in-app purchases. Do you know how to spread the epidemic to kill all the people? Play Plague Inc. and prove it.

Defense zone 3

Defense Zone is one of the best strategy sagas available on Android, so you can enjoy each of the games it has released so far. We recommend the last one, Defense Zone 3, in which you will have to defend yourself from enemy armies with new towers, weapons, landscapes and special abilities.

More than a million users have already downloaded this game, developed by Artem Kotov, that you can install for free and that includes in-app purchases ranging from € 1,09 to € 109,99.

Lords and Knights

The Middle Ages are also well represented in strategy games with Lords & Knights, in which you will be responsible at the beginning of a castle and its knights. Gradually, you have to use the strategy for conquer other kingdoms and create your empire. To do this, you can team up with other players, complete different missions and trade with your resources.

The German company XYRALITY GmbH is the developer of this game, you can install without paying anything in return, but that offers you in-app purchases to get extra items.

plants versus zombies

Create the best strategy for defend your home from a horde of zombies which will only stop with the plant attacks you have to pay for. Zombies will use different methods to overcome your barrier, so you must always use the right plants to kill them.

During the 50 levels of the Adventure mode, you have to prove that you are the best by designing a strategy against the zombies. To do this, you can start by downloading this free game from the Play Store.

Clash of Clans

In this list could not miss the mythical Clash of Clans, the clan wars game par excellence that surpassed Fortnite and PUBG in popularity in the summer of 2018. Create the best village and train an almighty army to face your enemies in wars to be victorious from. Furthermore, you can also create clans together with other players.

Supercell is the developer of this strategy game, with over 500 million downloads on the Play Store. As you can imagine, is a free application, albeit to get special features and items with in-app purchases.


Clash of Clans has its own version for computers with Hackers, a game in which you will have to use strategy to create a customized virtual network, hack into the networks of other hackers, improve your hacking tools and even fight for your country in the first cyber war in history.

As you can see, the purpose of hackers is similar to creating your own village and armies, but with computer terminology. If you like strategy and technology, you can have fun with both in Hackers, a game available for free in the Play Store.


One of the strategy games worth checking out is Digfender, in which you will have to dig underground to place obstacles in so that your enemies do not advance, as they intend to do so underground. In addition, during the excavation you will find minerals and coins that will be the key to improving your towers.

Like previous games, Digfender is free and offers in-app purchases that can go as low as $ 19,99.

Royal clash

Clash of Clans is not the only strategy game created by Supercell, there are many others among which we find Clash Royale. In this title, you will have to use the famous Clash characters for destroy the towers of the enemies to get crowns and trophies. To do this, in addition to your troops, spells and defenses, you will also need to improve your card collection.

Although it has not yet matched the success of Clash of Clans, this Supercell game has already surpassed 100 million downloads on the Play Store. You don't have to pay to play it, but has in-app purchases.

Crazy chef

Let's put battle games aside to talk about another type of strategy, the one you have to do in the kitchen. Crazy Chef is a game where you have to become the best chef preparing all dishes over time what do you have. In addition, you will need to improve the ingredients and utensils in order to pass the levels faster.

If you are a cooking games fanatic, Crazy Chef is a safe bet and you can too play without having to pay to download, with in-app purchases included.

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the big launches of 2019 in terms of mobile games was Call of Duty: Mobile, which hit 20 million downloads in just three days. In this shooter you will have to fight alongside your teammates to survive in battles where action is not lacking, as we explained in our analysis of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Free to install, in this game you can enjoy quality graphics and numerous characters, outfits and weapons. To win, you must demonstrate your skills and strategies on the battlefield, as in the rest of the saga created by Activision.

mafia city

Lovers of gangster movies can become "The Godfather" himself with Mafia City, a strategy game for Android in which you have to create your own clan with the aim of becoming the undisputed leader. To do this, you can recruit thugs, bikers and shooters to your squad, as well as being able to use different vehicles, from vans to tanks.

As if it were the mafia itself, in this game you will be the protagonist of battles against other clans every day, which you will have to win if you want to proclaim yourself the king of the mafia. Mafia City is currently available for free on the Android app store.

Boom Beach

Another of Supercell's great creations is Boom Beach, a fighting game in which you'll have to defeat the enemies of the Dark Guard. To do this, you will first need to join the troops and create the perfect plan to free the slaves of the island, thus revealing the secrets of the island.

More than 50 million users have already joined the Boom Beach troops. If you want to be one more and play with people from all over the world, you can download this game for free in the play store.

Bloons TD 5

Think you are a good tower defender? Prove it in Bloons TD 5, where you will have to create and improve your towers for then defend them by the invading bloons. To do this, you can count on 10 special agents. Be careful, because the bloons have been improved and are now much more dangerous. In the Play Store, Bloons TD 5 is available for 3,29 euros.

race of the kingdom

As usual in strategy games, in the popular Kingdom Rush you will have to defend yourself from hordes of orcs, trolls and wizards who want to kill you. What can you do to defend yourself? Good, use towers and spells wisely that you have at your disposal. Kingdom Rush is free in the Android application store, but with in-app purchases that can go up to € 54,99.


You can also demonstrate your great strategies by playing in a group with Antiyoy. With a random map generator, in this game for up to 10 people you will have to move in space, growing your terrain and blocking the movement of the rest of the players. To have fun in a group, you won't have to spend money, because Antitoy is free in the Play Store.

Star Wars: Commander

Are you on the side of the Rebellion or the Empire? Choose your position in the game of the mythical Star Wars saga, create your army, plan your defense and lead the troops to win the battle. By your side will be key characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Princess Leia. If you want to download the Star Wars strategy game, you can do it now without paying anything in return.

Command & Conquer: Rivals

Electronic Arts is the developer of this strategy game where you will have to use all your weapons wisely to defeat the enemy on the battlefield. Also, you can collaborate with your friends to share resources and help each other. As you may have noticed, this is the mobile adaptation of EA's legendary Command & Conquer and you can download it for free from the Play Store.

Storm Castle

Different weapons, spells and characters are the elements you will need to use in CastleStorm for defend your castle and attack that of your rivals at the same time. You will have 8 heroes to choose from, four campaigns for a total of 150 battles and four nations, such as the Nordic or Royal Guard. CastleStorm is free, but it has in-app purchases.

Clash of gentlemen

Another title in the Supercell Clash series is Clash of Lords, in which you will also have to create a powerful base and enlist the help of the heroes and their squads of mercenaries. Like the rest of the company's games, Clash of Lords is available for free in the app store, including in-app purchases.


In Megapolis you have to test your skills in the construction strategy of the city , creating buildings with different characteristics that will advance your metropolis. You will have to use the strategy to know which buildings you should build and where, to enter taxes, win competitions with other mayors and make your city the most important in the state. If you are interested in Megapolis, you can download it for free on the Play Store.

Empire and allies

This military strategy game will have you create the most modern weapons in your factory, design the perfect army and then use your creations in a battle for defend the world from the ERG, an evil terrorist organization. Empire and Allies is available for free in the app store, with in-app purchases included.

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