6 Best Free Android Word Games (2021)

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There are many types of mobile games for all tastes. Role-playing games, competitions, action, adventures, platforms ... even if there are also other types, aimed at more casual players and for those who barely play a few minutes a day.

A clear example of this are crossword-style puns, which, believe it or not, they are among the most downloaded in the Google application store. Therefore, if you are a true fan of this genre, you cannot miss all these games that we show you below.

The best free word games for Android

  • Bonza word puzzle
  • Free crossword puzzle
  • Jumbline 2
  • typography
  • Typeshift
  • passwords

Bonza word puzzle

Bonza Word Puzzle is a fun game that mixes puzzles and crosswords. The game will give us several clues that we will have to solve to solve the different levels of the game.

A simple, fun and sometimes even challenging game that we can download to our smartphone completely free of charge.

Free crossword puzzle

Crossword Free is one of the funniest crosswords for Android

Free Crossword is the typical crossword game that appears every day in the newspapers. We are given a clue and we must understand the word in question. Simple but effective and fun.

The game offers three difficulty levels (easy, normal and hard) and several hobbies in its free version, so we can play for several hours without spending a paltry euro.

Jumbline 2

The first thing that stands out about Jumbline 2 compared to other crossword games is its colorful graphics. Aside from that, the game is somewhat similar to Scrabble as it gives us a set of seven letters and we have to form words.

The game offers more than 20.000 puzzles and, above all, it's completely free.


Letterpress is a fun crossword puzzle for Android that allows us to play against other players

Letterpress is another interesting puzzle and puzzle game available completely free of charge in the Google app store, even if this time we are facing another player to get as many complete words as possible.

The game is very simple in its interface but quite fun, so we highly recommend that you download it and try it out for yourself.


Typeshift is a very original and fun crossword and anagram puzzle game. The game offers us rows of different letters and we have to move each row up or down to form a word. The goal, to complete all the lines.

The more we advance in the game the more complicated it becomes and although the first levels are really simple ... There comes a time when the difficulty becomes hellish.


Words puts crosswords aside and reinvents the word search game. With multiple game modes, challenges and time trials, it's a highly recommended game if you were one of those people who devour this kind of hobby in the newspapers.

Words is also compatible with several languages ​​and is free, so there is no excuse to install and enjoy it on your smartphone.

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