6 hidden functions of MIUI 12 You have to activate in your Xiaomi

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MIUI 12 is already on their way to a large number of Xiaomi phones, loaded with interesting features and news. To date we have already been able to test many of the features that this MIUI update introduces during our analysis of the Xiaomi Mi 11. However, some of the best news of MIUI 12 are still little known by many people.

For this reason, we wanted to review some of the best MIUI functions 12 which, for some reason, have gone unnoticed but which you should definitely try on your mobile.

MIUI 12, the system version of the Mi 11.

Google Home controls in the control center

With the arrival of Android 11, Google introduced a new one way to control home devices connected to Google Home, via the device shutdown menu.

Xiaomi, instead of following the path of Google, has decided to implement these controls in its own way, through what they call the "Control Center".

To activate this feature, you just have to go to Settings / Notifications / Control Center and activate the function Smart home.

The MIUI 12 control center on a Xiaomi Mi 11.

Blur images before sharing

Sometimes you want to share an image, but you don't want part of the photo to be shown. To do this, you can "Drool" part of an image without installing anything, you must only enter the gallery and edit an image. In the editor, you can choose from different types of blur effects and “paint” on the parts of the image you want to hide.

Change the sky of your photos

Another hidden function in the MIUI 12 gallery app allows you to change the sky of the photos, for a totally different one. The results are so good, it feels like magic.

To use this function just access the gallery image editor, and tap on “Change sky” to choose from one of those available.

Use the video toolbox

If you enter the settings of cellular, and in the "Special functions" section activate the option “Video Toolbox” o “Video Toolbox”, you will be able to use a variety of functions to change the video and audio output.

Furthermore, it also gives you the option to play the audio of some applications with the mobile screen turned off, which is useful if you want to bypass YouTube restrictions and don't have a YouTube Premium membership.

Share images securely

When it comes to share a photo or image from your mobile, MIUI 12 offers you the possibility of protect your privacy by removing file metadata and preventing the people who receive it from tracking you. To do this, you just need to enter the gallery, choose a photo and tap on the three-dot menu. Then, select the “Share safely” option and check the options for the sharing without location and sharing without metadata.

Use Sound Assistant to control audio precisely

At the time we already talked about the MIUI 12 Sound Assistant, a useful function that allows you to control the audio of the device to the extreme, giving the user full control over how applications can play audio.

If you access this section from Settings / Sounds and vibrations / Sound assistant, you can reduce the sound of certain apps individually. So, for example, you can watch and listen to Instagram videos at a lower volume, while you listen to background music, sounding louder

This is the Sound Assistant interface

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