7 Android games to pass it from scary on Halloween

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Did you want some cool games to enjoy this Halloween night? Well, calm down, you've come to the right place. There are many horror games in the Google Play Store, but not all of them have what it takes to meet your expectations. For the same reason, today we introduce you 7 Android games to have fun on Halloween.

If you want have fun in front of your mobile screen, download one of the titles that appear in this list. Of course, you have to be very clear that any of them might scare you when you least expect it. Are you ready?

The best Android games to play on Halloween

Halloween games for Android

  • Five nights at Freddy's
  • Slendrina: The Cellar (free)
  • Dead Effect 2
  • eyes
  • Foreclosure
  • In the dead 2
  • left edge

Five nights at Freddy's

It's impossible to talk about scary Halloween games without mentioning Five Nights at Freddy's. This is a horror title where you control a security guard in a pizzeria whose main attraction is Freddy and his two friends, animatronic robots in the shape of animals.

Even if it's hard to believe, at night these robots take on a life of their own and do their own thing. From the security cameras you have to find them before they reach you. Absolutely terrifying!

Slendrina: The Cellar (free)

Slendrina is the widow of SlenderMan, a fictional character born as a creepypasta. In this horror game, you will have to investigate to find a series of books while you escape from Slendrina, which will look for you until it finishes you.

If you've played SlenderMan before, then try this curious and terrifying version starring his lover.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a creepy science fiction shooter. Choose from three characters, level up, find new weapons and do whatever it takes to defeat the bad guys. Take on tons of aliens, enter many dark corridors and enjoy a campaign mode with 20 hours of gameplay.


In this game you enter a mansion to explore it and end up being chased by a terrifying monster. There are more levels to unlock, a couple of game modes, offline support, and global leaderboards via Google Play Games. It should also be noted that this is a game with nice graphics and controls. A good alternative to play this Halloween 2020.


Distraint is one of the newer horror games on this list. IS made with hand drawn graphics and its premise is quite simple. Plus, it has easy-to-learn controls and doesn't rely on the classic elements of horror games. Distraint will try to scare you with its terrifying story, as it is a psychological horror game for Android.

In the dead 2

In this horror game you find yourself in an endless corridor where your goal is to survive as long as possible. Into the dead 2 has a story mode with multiple endings, a variety of weapons and ammo, and more. Without a doubt, it is a horror game for Android that can keep you entertained this Halloween night.

left edge

Leaving aside that Sinister Edge is one of the few horror games that can be played in virtual reality, we are talking about a title that has received several important awards. The story tells how the protagonist comes to the brink of horror and despair as he desperately searches for his family. A game that will keep you tense from the first time you try it!

Nobody convinced you? Then check out this other list of the best standalone Halloween games for Android. And if what you want is to experience the spookiest night of the year in a different way, check out this list with 19 movies and series to scare you on this Halloween night.

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