7 best tennis games for Android (2021)

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There is life beyond football and basketball games on mobile. If you are one of those who prefer the tennis, today we have a selection designed especially for you.

Well, browsing the section of sports games di Google Play, we have selected i best tennis games for android that you can download to your mobile or tablet in 2021.

The best tennis games for Android that you can download in 2021.

The best tennis games for Android

  • Ultimate tennis
  • Virtua Tennis Challenge
  • The tennis world of the roaring 20s
  • tennis stick
  • 3D tennis clash
  • 3D tennis champion
  • Tennis 3D

Ultimate tennis

The first member on our list has a good graphics and very realistic mechanics. With a few simple buttons that will appear on the right side of the screen, you can easily control your player and move him along the track.

You will have the ability to customize your player, as well as form your own team and compete around the world in the World Tour. You can also play online against other users in real time and enjoy the different ways of playing the characters.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Did you know that you can enjoy the legendary Sega Virtua Tennis on your mobile? It is without a doubt one of the best games of this sport that you can download on Google Play, with good graphics and, above all, excellent fluidity and playability.

You can create your own player, train with minigames and even launch your professional career by playing all kinds of tournaments on different surfaces. Virtua Tennis Challenge has some ads, but they are not too intrusive and you can remove them by purchasing the application just 2,29 euro.

The roaring 20s of the tennis world

We are talking about a somewhat different tennis game, since as the name suggests, is set in the 20s. Enjoy playing on grass and clay courts with vintage rackets and a true Wimbledon look.

You will be able to choose your club from different cities around the world and start working with your coach. Guide the ball by sliding your finger in very smooth games with realistic movements. You can also customize your player with all kinds of classic clothing and wooden rackets.

tennis stick

In this case we find a much simpler graphics, since the important thing about Stick Tennis lies in the fluidity of the game and in the speed with which you manage to give the ball. You will be able to compete against the "stick" version of all kinds of professional players.

The difficulty varies a lot and the game will get more complicated as you progress through the rounds until you demand more. IS the perfect app for playing while traveling by public transport or waiting for friends, fast, simple and fun.

3D tennis clash

With cartoon-like graphics and not as "realistic" as in other games, Tennis Clash 3D is a tennis game for Android that can be downloaded for free with an online game mode in which you can also compete with players from all over the world as well as with your friends and family.

This game offers us games in real time with 3D graphics, intuitive controls and the ability to participate in tournaments and leagues with other people from around the world. This will be possible unlock tennis players, shoes, rackets and other items of better and better quality to end up being invincible.

3D tennis champion

Tennis champion for Android.

Probably the best tennis game for android if you want to play with other people locally and on the same mobile.

And it is that Tennis Champion 3D is one of the few titles that offers the possibility of split screen play, so that two people can compete against each other.

Apart from that, the game also offers multiplayer online, with 3D graphics, intuitive controls and realistic physics.

Tennis 3D

3D Tennis for Android, a tennis game with good graphics.

3D Tennis is another tennis game for android phones and tablets which focuses on realism, with a graphics 3D detailed, which includes both the game aspect and the physics and mechanics.

It offers smooth controls and you just have to do to play slide your finger across the screen and hit the ball with the racket.

Also, we can play "casual" matches thanks to the fast game mode, or enter the career mode until you reach the top with our player.

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