8 best adventure games for Android (2021)

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within the Google Play Store you will find an incredible number of games in any category or genre, from shooters, to action, to racing, to adventure and many more.

Now, that's better than another, it's up to everyone. However, we want to offer you the quality, which is why we have collected the 8 best adventure games for android that you can download right now.

Top 8 Adventure Games for Android

If you want to get passionate about amazing stories, enjoy great graphics e have fun for hours, read on to find out what they are.

The 8 best adventure games for Android

  • Pascal Bet
  • The Adventures of Rayman
  • dead cells
  • Swordigo
  • Iron Blade: RPG of medieval legends
  • Sky Dancer Run: freerunner di Parkour
  • Grimvalor

In this selection you will find adventure games that fit all tastes and styles, so you just have to choose the one that suits you best and have fun.

Pascal Bet

Pascal Wager’s it's a Adventure RPG for Android with some RPG overtones, and it also has amazing graphics and excellent gameplay. It is a title closely linked to the style of the popular Dark Souls per PC e console, but adapted to mobile phones.

Choose between four people with combat mode e ability unique and begin your adventure to face dark enemies in epic battles. It has a three-dimensional map with different levels to explore.

Obviously we must keep in mind that it is a paid game, having a value of dollars 6,99. To tell the truth, it's worth what it costs and if you get the chance to try it you won't regret it.

The Adventures of Rayman

It is the adaptation of the popular console game Rayman Adventures. In this adventure you will have to run, jump, swim and even glide through different levels as you conquer your way.

It is a game that has more than 200 different scenarios and where you can choose from more than 55 characters, In which Rayman, Barbara, Globox and the Tiny stand out.

If you are looking for fun for hours, with good graphics and totally free, this is a great option to download to your mobile and take it wherever you go.

dead cells

Dead Cells it is not a traditional game and, unlike other titles, "die" it does not mean an end, on the contrary, it can help you advance within the story. Focused on replayability, it's an incredible one roguelite type game.

Your mission is explore a castle and it changes and expands constantly, so every time you die in the game, you will start in a different place, with everything different and even without the items you have collected.

Under the motto "Mata. Go dead. Learn. To repeat." You have to find out what is happening in the castle, at your own pace, without linear progressions and with new threats waiting around every corner. One of the games worth trying, because it will captivate you. Of course, it is priced at $ 8,99.


LIMBO It is one of best adventure games for android which you can download from the Google Play Store. It's based on a child who must survive the dangers of the world living around him and future problems, for this he must use the resources provided by the environment to remain unharmed and move forward.

It was the winner of more than 100 awards, it's a game that will keep you tense but you won't want to stop playing. Has dark atmosphere and amazing graphics a to which you will be hooked for hours.

Her capacity is excellent and, especially, does not require an internet connection for enjoy it. Now something this good unfortunately can't be free as it has a price of $ 4,99 worth every penny.


Swordigo it's a action and adventure game where you will have to explore a magical kingdom filled with dungeons, villages, treasures and dangerous creatures, all while you run, jump and avoid obstacles in your way.

Defeat the enemies, find new weapons or upgrade your own, gain experience and upgrade your character with magical powers to survive as you progress through the story. It is a very fun 3D platform game for all tastes.

Being designed specifically for mobile devices, it offers incredible gameplay, great graphic optimization and does not require connection. IS totally free and awaits you in the Play Store.

City of Death: Zombie Invasion

Enter the
city ​​of death and fight a zombie invasion

Death City: Zombie Invasion, as the name suggests, is a adventure and zombie game where you have to use your reflexes, strategies, tactics and skills to survive in a city full of undead.

The premise is simple, since you are in the city P, where yes it's spread un terrible virus, your mission is survive while facing the zombies, overcome challenges and fight to clean up the city. It is completely free and requires no connection.

Ninja Arashi

Un totally free action and adventure game with dark atmosphere and intense gameplay. You must play Arashi in her struggle to save her son Orochi in a corrupt world.

Along the way, your character will improve and master new ones techniques and skills which will help you to overcome levels that increase in complexity. It consists of 45 levels and 3 maps different in which you will get lost between action and history of this game.


Grimvalor is another of the best adventure games and role playing games available for Android. It focuses on a lone warrior who fights in a dark fantasy world with one mission: to restore a corrupt kingdom. To do this, you will embark on a journey through different countries and unforgettable dungeons.

Learn the fighting patterns of your enemies, explore new lands, upgrade your equipment and increases your character's experience to face King Valor in pursuit of your goal.

It's a game totally free, with an excellent graphics 3D, great playability and compatibility with game controllers for Android and the ability to enjoy it offline.

Now that you know what we consider the 8 best adventure games for android that you can download from Google Play Store, tell us, what's your favorite?

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