8 games as addicting as Jetpack JoyRide

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Few games are as addicting as Jetpack Joyride. For its simplicity and immersive gameplay style, we are talking about a title that has made the history of mobile games. For this same reason, today we will introduce you 8 addicting games like Jetpack Joyride. To spoil it was said!

In simplicity there is greatness and there are video games that are a clear example of this. In addition to Jetpack Joyride, there are a number of titles that have what it takes to achieve the same effect on you. Check out all the games on this list and download the one you like best.

8 games as addicting as Jetpack Joyride

In case you didn't know, Jetpack Joyride 2 is out now, so we'll start by looking at other games from the same studio. If you like this type of entertainment, you should also check out the 14 best casual games to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Be that as it may, you can be sure that all the games you will see here will have what it takes to enjoy a long time.

  • Fruit Ninja
  • Ninja Fruit 2
  • Dan the man
  • Monstrous shot
  • Battle racing stars
  • Subway surfers
  • Agar.io
  • Cross road

Fruit Ninja

The numbers speak for themselves and Fruit Ninja makes that clear enough. Because? Why was a total of downloaded 436 million times since its launch and continues to be updated despite maintaining its original format. As you must imagine, it is one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store.

Here the mechanics are simple: cut as much fruit as you can by sliding your finger across the screen and get the highest score. Easy, fun and engaging.

Ninja Fruit 2

Fruit Ninja 2 is very similar to the first version of this legendary game, but includes several fun mini-games and exciting real-time competitions. Thanks to this, you can enjoy all the action ever as you challenge ninjas from all over the plant.

Climb and train until you become the true Fruit Ninja champion. Without a doubt, this second version of Fruit Ninja is synonymous with fun, addicting games and action-packed moments.

Dan the man

Dan The Man is an Android platform game that stands out for having more than 20 million downloads. IS a title that recreates that arcade aesthetic that became so popular in the 90s.

Here you will have to control Dan, a charismatic character who without being the typical hero is the protagonist of this interesting adventure. It's a game similar to Jetpack Joyride, especially for the great ability it has to capture you from the very first moment.

Monstrous shot

Monster Dash is a game in which you will have to jump over obstacles and shoot enemies while our hero runs at full speed in an infinite level. As in Jetpack Joyride, the main objective of the game is to overcome your missions, your records, enjoy the daily events and get coins to unlock new weapons and vehicles.

If you want have fun with a fun casual game in those free minutes that your day offers youthen this is the perfect title for you.

Battle racing stars

Battle Racing Stars is a multiplayer racing game for mobile devices developed by Halfbrick (the same company that created Jetpack Joyride). Here you can face different online players around the world, competing with up to 4 people at the same time.

Of all the games on the list, Battle Racing Stars is the best for having fun with friends. Always compete until victory to win and open packs. These packs have everything you need to level up and improve your characters.

Subway surfers

It's impossible to talk about addicting games without mentioning the king of endless racing games: Subway Surfers. In case you don't know, we're talking about the first game to hit one billion downloads on Google Play. Another proof that the numbers speak for themselves!

In Subway Surfers you just have to slide your finger across the screen for move the protagonist on the platforms in order to avoid the high-speed trains. Of course, you have to be careful because the inspector and his dog will finish your game if you make a wrong move.


Agario, which started out as a simple web game in 2015, is one of the simpler games on the list. This has a fun multiplayer mode in which you control a "cell" that gets bigger by eating other players. Eat and avoid being eaten, fed on cells smaller than you or scattered cells to keep increasing your size. A simple and addicting game, also great to play with friends!

Cross road

Crossy Road is a game that stands out for its clean and beautiful look, a modern take on the typical Frogger-like game. Here your goal is to control a character and get as far as possible, moving along a road where you need to dodge all the cars and trucks. Easy, stressful, but with everything you need to get passionate.

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