Ç9 Best iPhone games that are also on Android (2021)

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We won't be fooled, we love playing video games and we don't care if it's on a computer, console or a cell phone.

Because mobile phones are amazing platforms to enjoy this hobby and we can find high quality titles. Of course, many users think that in the iOS application store we can download better games than in the Google store, which is not entirely true.

So, to disprove this urban legend, we offer you nine great games from the App Store that are also available on Google Play. Download has been said!

The best games on the App Store

  • Nexomon
  • Between us
  • Impatto Genshin
  • Pascal's bet
  • Minecraft
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
  • dead cells
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  • Ocean Horn


There is no doubt that Pokémon is one of the most successful and popular franchises in the world. Traveling through a fabulous and varied world as you hunt and train different creatures to fight against other trainers is a truly amazing idea.

Unfortunately, the latest editions of Pokémon have fallen into complacency and there is a lack of new ideas. Nexomon is a new title that corrects all of the above, with an epic story, more than 300 creatures to capture and train, a deep combat system and 10 colorful and vibrant regions. Everything Pokémon lovers have been asking for for years.

Between us!

Among Us is the most popular game of the moment. With millions of active users, this title proves you don't need cutting edge graphics to be successful, but quite a good idea to make your audience fall in love.

The trendy multiplayer title that everyone is enjoying on their computers can now be downloaded completely for free on a mobile phone. Will you miss him?

Impatto Genshin

One of the newest games on the list and one that attracts attention thanks to its very Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild graphics and its action-packed gameplay, as well as of course being a totally free game.

Genshin Impact is a gacha title, that is a game in which we will have to recruit characters and improve them, although unlike other similar games, this one is in 3D.

Pascal's bet

On mobile phones there are also good games similar to Dark Souls and if not that tell about Pascal's Wager, one of the most ambitious titles released for smartphones and with better graphics.

The title offers a dark story, a very challenging gameplay where every mistake is death and amazing graphics. All this, among other things, at a price for all budgets.


One of those games that was a before and after in the history of video games. With Minecraft we can explore infinite worlds, build all kinds of things and create weapons and armor. No matter doing it alone or with friends, Minecraft is fun on your computer and mobile too.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy lovers are in luck as Square Enix has remastered the popular GameCube Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for next generation consoles and mobile phones, with high resolution graphics and some extra surprises.

Although the title can be played individually, the really fun thing is doing it with friends. On purpose, we can try the first three levels for free and, if we like it, buy it at full price.

dead cells

Dead Cells is one of the great surprises of recent times. A two-dimensional roguelike game with excellent gameplay and a multitude of weapons and items and where we will die many, many times, we assure you.

While the game has fairly precise touch control, you we recommend playing Dead Cells with a controller to get the most out of it.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

How many hours did you spend walking around the city of San Andreas in your youth? Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas wasn't just one of the best games in the veteran saga, but also of the legendary PlayStation 2.

We will play the role of Carl Johnson –CJ– who, after five years, returns to the neighborhood where he was born to attend the funeral of his murdered mother. He will soon be embroiled in a conflict of wars between gangs, drugs and dangerous criminals. Its goal: cleaning up the neighborhood, saving the rest of his family and, most importantly, surviving.

Ocean Horn

And if you prefer adventure-style games like Zelda, with puzzles to solve and beautiful environments to explore, Oceahorn is the best title you can download.

Oceanhorn received great praise when it first came out on the Apple App Store and now we can download it on Android at a very competitive price. Its second part is available on Apple Arcade, so it won't take long to be released for Android platforms as well.

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