9 best PS2 games to play on your Android without an emulator (2021)

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Released on March 4, 2000 in Japan, Sony's PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console ever. A console that for many is also the best in the world thanks to the large number of games, their quality and the wide variety of genres.

The truth is that many years and two generations of consoles have passed since then, but what there is no doubt is that Sony's black console and its games continue to make us fall in love even today. Unfortunately, to remember many of their titles, we have no choice but to reconnect our old console, albeit fortunately in the Play Store we can find some of the best PS2 games, all officially and without the need to install emulators.

GTA Saga

Rockstar isn't just one of the best developers today thanks to titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 since years ago he started thanks to his Grand Theft Auto saga.

PlayStation 2 was a great moment for the saga and was the basis for later titles such as the current GTA V. Grand Theft Auto 3, San Andreas, Vice City… surely you have spent many hours on them.

And yes, on Android we can find all GTA games for PS2 at a ridiculous price, officially, without emulators. A real passage.


We continue with Rockstar because in addition to the GTA saga, it also has another great title to download from the Google Play Store. Bully is kind of like a GTA in a high school and with students instead of bosses, which is part of our selection of Play 2 games for Android.

We are a newcomer to a prestigious institution full of social class and prejudice. Our goal will be to survive, get good grades - if we want - and create a gap between so many pedantic students. The bully was a revolution and quite criticized in its time for having incited, according to an industry opposed to video games, perhaps to school.

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest is one of the most important JRPG sagas in the world and although it is possible that years ago it was not as well known as Final Fantasy, in Japan it is something like a religion.

Today the saga is very well known thanks to its new title for next generation consoles, Dragon Quest XI, but it is true that quello and is possibly the best game in the series has been released on PlayStation 2.

In Dragon Quest VIII, a powerful wizard has placed a terrible curse on the kingdom of Trodain, turning all its inhabitants into thorns. We, the only survivors of the kingdom - a simple royal guard - must travel the immense world of Dragon Quest in search of a cure, with the only help of a mare, a strange green creature and Yangus, a street robber who for strange circumstances decides to join us.

Characters designed by Akira Toriyama, a huge world and a classic combat system. A delight for a title Ps2 that we can now enjoy on Android.

Virtua Tennis

And for lovers of sport and especially tennis, we leave you with the legendary Virtua Tennis by SEGA. One of those games that we fell in love with thanks to its realism and its spectacular playability and that he hasn't lost an iota of fun to date.

Quick games, leagues, multiplayer modes ... the best tennis in the palm of our hand in this PS2 game for android without emulator. Who signs up?

Most Wanted Need for Speed

With the eruption of films like Fast and Furious (Full Throttle in Spain), cars, racing and tuning became all the rage. Electronic Arts wanted to get a slice of this trend and it has used his Need for Speed ​​franchise for this.

Most Wanted was next to Underground, the arcade racing games par excellence. While the second was based on clandestine racing, the first introduced a new element: police chases on large stages.

Android also has its own version of Most Wanted with which you can remember old times and all this for only 5 euros.

Max Payne

The first Max Payne was released for consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation 2 and PC in 2001. It is a title in which we put ourselves in the shoes of a former New York City police officer who witnesses one day as his woman and his daughter they are killed by some addicted to a new drug. In this way and with the aim of revenge, he will decide to investigate to find out who or who was responsible for this act. You can imagine the rest: lots of action and lots of shots.

Its price? Ridiculous, 3,49 € for one of the best PS2 games for android.

These are some of the PS2 games for Android that we can find on Google Play and that you can use without the need for an emulator.

However, re-editions and console ports for mobile phones are in vogue, and it's no surprise that as time goes on, more and more PlayStation games come to Android. Therefore, this article will be constantly updated to include the latest titles available.

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