9 good reasons to choose Android over IOS

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The eternal struggle. Android and iOS are the most important mobile operating systems in the world today and although both are quite stable, mature and have a lot of features, the difference between the two is not exactly small.

The truth is, the Apple ecosystem is perfect for anyone not looking to complicate their life. Turn on the device, log in and go. The configuration of the iOS device is instantaneous and this is one of the reasons for the success of Apple's Bitten products.

Now, there are many reasons to choose Android over iOS and that's not all that glitters around the Cupertino company is gold. Here we leave you our favorite reasons to bet on Google and its operating system.


You can turn your Android into a Game Boy

As usual. The customization of Android far exceeds that of iOS to the point that no two terminals are alike. This does not happen with iOS and is that the Cupertino operating system has always been reluctant to give users freedom in this regard.


In line with the previous one. If your smartphone has stopped updating, don't throw it away, better to install a ROM. Not only will this increase the useful life of your smartphone, it will also add new features that it probably wouldn't have had before. The number of existing ROMs is overwhelming, although as a general rule the most popular ones can be found on XDA.


One of the strengths of Android over iOs it's the way it manages and sorts notifications, something iOS users would kill - we would kill ourselves - to have on their Apple devices.

The icons in the status bar of an Android smartphone allow us to better control notifications, making them easier to find. On iOS, notifications are a complete disaster.

Ad blocker

Although advertising is necessary for many digital media to continue to exist, the truth is that on some websites it is really annoying, making navigation impossible. For this there are ads blocked.

There are ad blockers on iOS. Some pay, some don't work very well so in the end it's not worth installing any. On Android, the catalog is huge and the results are spectacular.

File management

Smartphones are almost small computers - some even have more RAM than laptops - with which we can perform a multitude of tasks. One of these is, for example, be able to access all documents in our office whether we have stored them locally or through the cloud.

Managing files and documents on iOS is light years away from Android. Fortunately it improved update after update, but it's far from that of Google's operating system. In Android it's not only much simpler, there are many other applications for this as well.

120Hz refresh rate display

The OnePlus 8T, for example, has a 6,5-inch flat screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

While the performance of the top-of-the-range Android phones and iPhones is fairly consistent, the former have something that the latter currently do not have and are 120 Hz refresh rate screens.

Are they essential? Not really, but when you try them, they pretty much go back and forth you get used to the good too soon.

USB Type C

Countercurrent. While all Android terminals opt for USB Type-C connectors to charge their mobile devices, Apple continues with Lightning cables in its iPhone terminals.

What does this mean? That if you have an iPhone and the cable breaks, you will not be able to charge your device with excess cables from other terminals but you will have to buy a specific one.


With very little money we can have amazing Android devices

One of the aspects why many people tend to choose Android smartphones at the expense of iPhone terminals is the price. Not because iPhones are much more expensive, it is not in vain that top-of-the-range Android terminals are usually priced the same or higher, but because of the number of Android alternatives that exist on the market.

That is, if we want a 1.000 euro terminal we have an Android. If we want it from 600 there are also models and if, on the contrary, we want a cheap device at 200 euros, there are many options available to us.

Game of clouds

Gambling in the cloud is the future, no matter how much it may be for more traditional players. Being able to play next generation games no matter what device we have is a nice achievement and one of the reasons why smartphones will be fundamental in this sense.

Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now are two of the most popular video game streaming platforms but unfortunately they don't have official support for iOS, which happens in Google's operating system.

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