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Il rugby is a contact sport with very funny different players, which follows rules similar to the popular american football. The only difference is that in rugby players don't wear no type of body protection, so the matches are more aggressive.

Clearly being a fairly popular sport, it has its own video game version, especially for the Android operating system. So if on other occasions you knew the best video games for Android and the best titles to play without WiFi, this time we will show you the best rugby games to download to your android smartphone so totally free.

The best rugby games for Android

  • Rugby Championship 20
  • Rugby Nations 19
  • Rugby World Championship 2
  • Rugby Sevens Coach
  • Rugby race
  • Block Rugby
  • Rugby: tough runner
  • Rugby League - 34 at War - Full Game
  • Rugby football
  • Rugby: tough runner

It is advisable to enjoy this type of video game with a mid-range mobile onwards, as most of the titles on this list require certain resources. And if you have a mobile phone or tablet with less than 3 years, you can play these titles smoothly.

Rugby Championship 20

Play in national leagues and create your own teams with Rugby League 20

Just like the game developer Electronic Arts ha FIFA, the developer Distinctive Games ha Rugby League 20 and this particular game is one of today best rugby emulators for android.

Present one 3D game style extremely dynamic, with pretty on-screen buttons easy and intuitive to use. In addition, it has hundreds of championships from different parts of the world and you can play with the best exponents of Rugby del moment.

As if that weren't enough, you have the opportunity to create your team, which allows you to improve each of the players if you wish.

Rugby Nations 19

Rugby Nations 19: Blast your way to glory with one of the best rugby games

Another rugby emulator to consider is Rugby Nations 19, presents one style 3D with pretty decent graphics considering it's a mobile game. Plus, you can enjoy both day and night matches in fascinating stadiums.

You will have the opportunity to participate in world championships and drive yours favorite team to victory and thus raise that precious cup.

As if that weren't enough, you can too create your own Rugby team and improve it little by little, since with each victory you will earn money and in this way you will be able signing new players.

Rugby World Championship 2

Create your story on stage with World Rugby Championship 2

If you are a lover of the retro games, you will be able to enjoy the Rugby World Championship 2, since his style and le its game mechanics yes refer to the old school video games.

It has one style 3D and you can see your team and others from one clear enough aerial view. Clearly the movements of the players are more robotic, however it has the main essence of Rugby.

Rugby Sevens Coach

Prepare your best strategies with Rugby Sevens Manager

If you want the experience of a allenatore, then you have to play Rugby Sevens Manager. This particular emulator makes you live the life of a manager and owner of a rugby team, create your own game strategies and create formations with the best players.

And that's not all, you can too buy and sell players, compete with teams from around the world e train each of the players separately, in this way to ensure the perfect balance of the team. Unfortunately you will not be able view matches, simply during the game you will see the result of the game.

Rugby race

Rugby Rush is one of the best download games on Android

With Rugby Rush you will have the opportunity to live the experience of a professional rugby player much closer, especially if you like them free kicks. This video game has a graphic quality incredible, both in the characters, in the ball, in the players and in the field.

Rugby Rush has the staff of best 12 teams in the world of Rugby, you can choose the player you prefer and enjoy hectic games e full of adrenaline.

Block Rugby

This is one of the most fun games to play rugby

This particular video game mixes the tenderness of Lego style blocks with the charming rugby. Yours visual section It's colorful and engaging, in a few minutes you will be able to handle them very well game mechanics.

It has the popular 3D style but in blocks - a pretty eye-catching mix - you will take free kicks, to apply attack strategies and defense, practicing free kicks e improve your personal best.

As if that were not enough, it has the most important teams in the world and some relevant leagues so if you are looking for rugby games to download to your android smartphone, this might be a good option.

Rugby: tough runner

One of the best and funniest rugby games for Android is: Rugby: Hard Runner. This is a video game in which you can have fun running with a ball, kick it, avoid obstacles and score a try.

In this title, what it will do the difference will be your reflexes and the speed with which you can be in front of your opponents, as you overcome the barriers you will level up.

Rugby League - 34 at War - Full Game

A different proposal to start playing rugby from your mobile

The game Rugby League is was developed by a fan of the sport, therefore were added some quite relevant aspects that according to his point of view, sport is lacking.

His visual style it is quite particular, since you will be able to see the entire game and play it from above, but you will not be able to see player details.

However, you will have the option to play both in the league male than in that female, and even choose from the 39 teams and participate in the Rugby World Cup. While quite simple in appearance and relatively new, it is a lot of fun and addicting if you like rugby.

Rugby Football: Super Strike Training

Rugby Kick is a free training game that can help you be more pro

One of the best games to download on your smartphone Android that could not miss in this list is: Rugby Kick: Super Strike Training. This is a video game in which you can only play shots on goal and whose goal will be to try to pass the ball between the two posters.

However, to make the game more interesting, the goal will have a marker, where as soon as you manage to hit the ball you will earn a lot of points.

Also, in front of the goal there will be a player who will prevent you at all costs from taking the shot, something similar to penalties, but in Rugby. How about, do you dare to practice this game?

As you can see, the rugby games to download on android devices exist in abundance, but here we have created a compilation with the best options. Try them all and choose the best!

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