Are Samsung Galaxy A40, A50, A79, A80 devices water resistant?

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There are many ways to find out if your mobile is waterproof. That said, today we will tell you if Samsung Galaxy A40, A50, A79, A80 devices have water resistance, something important though translate to use them in humid environments.

Samsung Galaxy A Phones

Samsung A range is the replacement for the old J camp. In other words, they come to represent the low and mid-range of the company. For this reason, these are usually devices with adequate prices.

However, the A range is substantially better than Samsung's older low-end ranges. Yes, there are currently several generations of Samsung A, their trends are from the initial generation.

The first generation of Samsung's A range was a success for the company. In fact, the success was such as to propose the expansion of this range, new generations emerged later.

First generation of Samsung's A range

The first range of the Samsung Galaxy A (A3, A5, A7, A8 and A8 +) were very competent devices at great prices. Likewise, they offered options that were rarely found at such prices.

A clear example is that the A3, A5, A7, A8 and A8 + devices had iP68 certification, i.e. they had water resistance. But what about the new generations of Samsung's A range?

Are Samsung Galaxy A40, A50, A79, A80 phones waterproof?

Unfortunately, the new Samsung devices from the A they are not waterproof. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy A40, A50, A79 and A80 have no water resistance. For this reason, avoid exposing any of these devices to any type of liquid at all costs.

If you are really looking for a mobile that is waterproof, you should opt for la range S of the company. Sure, Samsung's S range is substantially superior, but the A range has positives as well.

Why choose Samsung A range devices?

The A range of the Samsung company has enjoyed great success in recent years. It is not for less, because there are some advantageous factors that these devices offer us.

Good price

Undoubtedly one of the most surprising factors in Samsung Galaxy A40, A50, A79 or A80 phones is that they have a competitive price. Certainly this involves some trade-offs, such as a lack of water resistance.

Either way, they are cell phones recommended for those looking for decent performance without spending too much money. What's cool is that you'll sometimes find flashy features for the price, but it's best to do your research. For example, it is advisable to inquire to know if the Samsung Galaxy A50 has wireless charging and so on with the rest of the functions of the mobiles of this range.

Good performance

While Class A mobiles aren't great, they tend to work decently for their price. Indeed, this is one of the most important factors, because compared to other phones of its price, the Samsung are not badly positioned.

They offer the essential

Certainly not all users would use the qualities of high-end devices. That said, the mid and low range have a key place in the market.

Fortunately, the low and mid range of mobile phones has improved a lot in recent years and Samsung Galaxy A40, A50, A79, A80 mobile phones are examples of this.

I telefoni Samsung A offer all the essentials for the average user and they are undoubtedly a great option if you are looking for a cheap but functional mobile phone. In any case, if you are planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30 and A50, you should check if it is an original or a replica and also with the higher models.

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