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Black Desert Mobile is one of the best RPGs today existing, although to belong to the community of this excellent game you have to consider that you will need excellent resources in terms of Internet and mobile device requirements.

In this sense, this game is about online adventures where you have to level up your character while facing challenges. If, on the other hand, you do not have a stable online connection or you are not a lover of RPG Online games, you can look for the best RPG games for Android Offline that will allow you to have fun without the need for internet.

In this post we will talk about how download and install Black Desert mobile for Android in its latest version, since having the latest version of the game you will be able to take advantage of the updates that are often made to expand the adventures and challenges it contains.

What are the requirements to download Black Desert Mobile on Android?

Regardless of the device you use (smartphone or PC) you will need the following resources to be able to play Black Desert Mobile in its latest version without any problems. As you will see it is a game that requires a good amount of resources, so you must be prepared to respect them if you want to venture into the fabulous world of adventures contained in this role-playing game.

Android 6.0 or higher

To play Black Desert Mobile on Android, we need to make sure the OS is 6.0 or later because the game offers a lot of content, which makes it a powerful team application. 

6 GB of available space.

As we all know, every application for the device requires a minimum of memory and this is no exception as it requires 6GB for optimal operation.

2GB of RAM.

By requesting a minimum of 2 GB we can enjoy the experience that the Game offers us with a better quality, since if it is less than 2GB we would not be able to enjoy that experience and in many cases the Game may not even start.

Where can I download the latest version of Black Desert Mobile for Android?

At this point it is very important to define in principle if you want to play this game on your mobile device (Smartphone) or on your PC, because, depending on the resource you will use, you will have need one or more tools to download and install the game.

If you have a Smartphone device and based on the fact that you have to meet the above requirements, it will be very easy for you to download and install the game on your computer, as you only have to enter the Play Store and enter the search field 'Black Desert Mobile' and click install.

You will see that the game is downloaded, even if you enter a main screen where you will be asked for permission to download the add-ons of the game, while this happens will allow you to play the minigames. At this point you should consider that you have a good internet connection, as the remaining content is around 6GB. Once the download of the add-on is finished, you can begin the adventure.

How to play Black Desert Mobile on mobile

Initially we create a character among the various classes available and customization in order to start the adventure with professions, complex bosses, updated maps in an open world. It's a game of the MMORPG genre which encourages us to create a character among the 5 different classes and customize it with the attributes that the game offers us. 

Having the character, we start in an open world following a story, in theirs different roles to get scoped objects or resources, having the possibility of the buying and selling system and / or micro-lakes which facilitate the player to obtain other items which are mostly are for aesthetic use. 

What is the data consumption of Black Desert Mobile?

If we use a direct or indirect Wi-Fi connection, the data consumption will be zero, it must be taken into account that not all games will consume the same amount of data per hour on the phone. Normal speech in intervals is that they vary between 40 and 100 MG per hour, but we require at least a minimum of speed when it comes to games with graphics potential.

To play on PC

If you want to play on PC, you will need to perform a few additional steps to successfully install the game. Of course we are talking about the Mobile version, as there is a PC version that does not require this process, you should also consider that the PC version is played Online. Now, assuming you want to install the Mobile version on your PC, you need to have an Android emulator on your computer.

Also, you will have to download the Apk on sites like Apkpure, in which case you will have to open and install the Apk on your PC using the emulator, or you can use an emulator like Bluestacks, from which you can visit Google Play and download the game so similar to the one shown in the Smartphone section.

That is, in the search field enter 'Black Desert Mobile'  then click Install and follow the same steps described in the aforementioned Smartphone section.

Final thoughts

RPGs with excellent graphics engines such as Black Desert Mobile usually contain great adventures in developing their stories, as is the case with the RPG Overwatch, which is a great alternative to Black Desert Mobile thanks to its theme and game.. The only detail you should consider is that this game is developed on consoles like PS4, XBOX One, PC.

Finally you should know that you can play in different roles as Warrior, Wizard, Explorer, Giant and Valkyrie, you can create groups and collect items and sell them at auctions. In general, it offers a lot of alternatives that you should enjoy if you are a lover of this type of game. To complete the information we have given you, you can visit the official Black Desert page and find out the rest of the details you are looking for.

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