Call of Duty: Mobile: How to Get Free Credits Effortlessly (2021)

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Call of Duty: Mobile is one of those games that to play we don't need to pay anything or see annoying ads, but somehow the creators of the game have to generate revenue, and in this case it's through a Premium Pass that the only way to get it is by paying with real money. However, there are several ways to earn free credits in Call of Duty to purchase items and improve our arsenal and here we explain it.

What are credits used for in Call of Duty?

The first thing we should know is that in Call of Duty there are two types of currencies, C and CP. The PC is the Premium currency and the only way to get it is to buy it with real money. On the other hand, currency C is what we can get by doing different tasks in the game.

With both currencies we can acquire different objects, such as weapons, camouflage, gestures, uniforms, among other thingsOf course, CP Credits can purchase exclusive stuff, but that doesn't mean it's the only way to be a great warrior within Call of Duty. So, let's see how can we earn free credits in Call of Duty without much effort.

Log in every day

This it's the easiest reward to get, since we only have to log into the game every day and in this way we will get many advantages such as cards to improve weapons, credits and more.

As the days go by, the rewards will get better, so it's important to connect every day, even if you don't play a single game.

Complete all events

Every day we will have tasks that we will have to do if we want to get credits for free. To find out what these missions are, we just have to go to the season icon located to the left of our mobile on the main screen.

There are different types of missions, daily, seasonal and featured, each with a time limit to complete them. The missions can be as varied as the rewards we can get.

Level up in Battle Pass

It is similar to the events, we have to complete different tasks in order to level up and thus get credits and other rewards, albeit unfortunately not all rewards are unlocked, as some will be impossible to claim unless we purchase a Premium Pass.

Claim inventory items

Many of the rewards that we get when we log in, complete the event tasks and the battle pass, are saved in our inventory and therefore we must enter there to be able to redeem them. These rewards can be loot, which usually contains credits to be purchased from the store.

To enter the inventory, we must first enter the section Armament located at the bottom of the main screen and then click on the word Inventory which is on the left of our screen. Once we are there, we can claim everything we have available.

Level up

Finally, we have a level that we can see in the upper left part of the main game screen. Each new level we manage to reach translates into a new reward. So, if we want to earn a lot of free credits, this is an excellent option.

To quickly improve our level, we have to win many battles in both Battle Royale and Multiplayer, and the better the performance we get, the more points we get. Here's a great guide to getting points in multiplayer battles and another guide to being MVP in any Call of Duty game.

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