Call of Duty Mobile is frozen - Solution when opening the game

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Call of duty is one of the video games most famous and successful on the entire planet. This incredible saga has over the years launched a wide variety of titles all centered entirely on conflict and war battles. Whether they are taken from real cases such as WWI and WWII, the Cold War or the Vietnam War, or from current stories created by developers. However, there are a few occasions when Call of Duty gets caught.

This video game has managed to successfully expand on all types of platforms, consoles and operating systems. Thus achieving the highest sales and download numbers worldwide. One of the latest and most interesting proposals of this acclaimed video game is its version for mobile devices known worldwide as Call of Duty: Mobile.

In this game you can have fun in many arenas or territories, each different and more complex than the others. You can also choose any weapon that suits your needs. From classic pistols to large machine guns and rifles. Likewise, you can equip yourself is with explosive gas bombs, bulletproof vests and silencers.

What is Call of Duty Mobile and what does it offer us?

È a new and improved version of this classic war game for mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. Since its launch in late 2019, Call of Duty Mobile has created an incredible positive impact on the gamer community thanks to the various features and modes of this interesting smartphone game.

In the same year of its arrival in the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store, it managed to be the most downloaded application at that time, as well as far surpassing its closest rivals which are the Free Fire and PUBG titles. Call of Duty Mobile stands out thanks to a large number of qualities, specifications and features but its resolution is undoubtedly one of the main reasons.

The quality of the graphics of this interesting game is quite high and in a sense at the time of its release there weren't many games in stores with such a resolution, which is a determining factor in its resounding success on the Android and iOS platforms. But in turn, this ended up indicating that only high-end and mid-range devices could play this title.

This isn't the only reason why this acclaimed game has achieved such success in just 3 years, we also need to talk about how this title works. Call of Duty Mobile yes focuses on various game modes and its aesthetics and interface change the subject per season, which usually lasts 3 to 8 months. These changes are total and come loaded with many surprises.

Some of the modalities of game more interesting than this incredible title are Battle Royale (open world in which everyone fights against everyone or in teams) and multiplayer (teams of 5 against 5, whoever manages to eliminate all their opponents wins). It is important to note that within these modes there are various types of games which vary greatly in experience.

Why you don't want to open Call of Duty Mobile

Perhaps, when you open the Call Of Duty app on your phone or mobile device, it might launch without a problem. But when you are playing and enjoying the game, this game has some problems such as lag or bad internet connection.

This type of mistake when you want to play is very common if we don't have a good internet signal. Recall that Call of Duty Mobile is a game that has a high quality graphics compared to other titles such as Free Fire or PUBG, so it needs a good internet connection when we can play.

Another possible reason therefore you cannot launch the game is if you downloaded it as an APK file from an alternate or third party store. Remember that if we don't search our applications carefully, they may not download properly or we may end up installing a corrupted app.

Likewise, another error that can occur is that when you open the Call of Duty Mobile app it gets caught or makes noises. In this sense, it is also possible that the phone or device you are using is not compatible with the application.

Your phone or tablet must have good range for the game to open and function properly. Likewise, there are minimum requirements for the shooter that must be satisfied for the game to load properly.

To find out if the game has this flaw, you can look at its behavior when you try to open it. Well, when that happens what happens is the game or application tries to open but automatically closes at once. Therefore, the phone returns to the menu where all applications are located.

Call of Duty Mobile won't load - Solution

If you don't have a good internet signal when you want to play Call of Duty Mobile, it's best to locate us somewhere else where we can get a good network connectionotherwise it will be impossible to play or simply start the video game.

If you downloaded the game as an APK file and it doesn't work for you, we recommend that you uninstall and download it from some other alternative or third-party store. Yup recommends some security options such as Uptodown, Aptoide or APKfree.

When Call of Duty is caught not charging, it can also be due to phone issues. Your mobile phone or device may be saturated with applications and does not have a lot of memory space. Therefore, the speed of the phone will decrease, causing the processor to run forcibly.

In these cases, not only is Call of Duty left unloaded, but many applications can be left closed. Therefore, it is better to free up space on the mobile device to give the processor a break. In that order of ideas, it's best to delete photos and videos as well as uninstall some apps you don't use frequently.

Another possible cause of Call of Duty being caught and not loading or opening is that the device is not working with the software. In these cases, what you need to do is improve the software by updating the operating system. Since you use this method, you can add a little more memory in so that the game can work better and can open.

Black screen

Sometimes when you open the game or some other application, the screen goes completely black. When this happens, the first thing to do is to check if the error or error is in the application or on the phone.

To do this, you have to look if the lights on the phone and keys light up and remain so. If the lights manage to turn on or turn on when the screen is black, the fault is in the application. Considering that if nothing is on and when you press the power button, there is no reaction to the light, it is the phone that has the problem.

In case the problem is with the application, it is very likely that it is generated for one of the reasons explained above. Then you can do one of the following solutions. The first thing to do is to perform a quick reset of the phone. You can do this in the restart option or if you want to do something more drastic you can hold down the power button to force restart.

Updating the application is also a solution that you can apply to avoid problems. For this you have to go to the Google Play Store, search for the application Call of Duty e apply an update to the app. On the other hand, you can try by uninstalling the application and then following the above steps go back to Google Play to download this game again.

As mentioned above, you can also upgrade your phone. In other words, you can install un software or an operating system completely new to solve this kind of errors with games and applications. Another solution that you should try before running any of the above solutions is to try clearing the application cache.

What happens if I clear the Call of Duty Mobile cache

Nothing bad happens when an application's cache is cleared, especially Call of Duty Mobile. Because during this process, what you do is delete files, tools or add-ons that the app has downloaded or stored for later use. It is always recommended to perform a cache cleanup in all applications so that your phone or device can let off steam a bit and run the applications.

You have to do this manually, by going into the settings or configurations of the phone. After that, look for the Call of Duty Mobile application and, upon entering, you can find the Clear Cache button. This way you can fix the error that Call of Duty gets caught and doesn't load easily.

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