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Call Of Duty: Mobile continues to be a success. The game, now in its sixth season, continues to bring together millions of players from all over the world every day, thanks to frequent updates that continue week after week to bring news on Activision's first mobile shooter.

But there's a problem. Due to the fact that it is a game that requires a good amount of system resources, not all mobile phones are capable of running Call of Duty: Mobile with ease - although, ironically, some smartwatches can run it -. Fortunately, there is an alternative: install and play from our computer.

Call of Duty: Mobile has been one of the most popular mobile games

Install and play Call of Duty: Mobile on your computer step by step

Although there are several good Android PC emulators that could help us installare Call of Duty: Mobile on our computer, to develop this guide we decided to opt for Gameloop.

Here's what Call of Duty: Mobile looks like on PC

For the uninitiated, it is convenient to comment that GameLoop is an emulator developed by Tencent, one of the largest software and Internet services companies of Chinese origin, which participated in the development of games such as Call of Duty: Mobile itself and others in the style of PUBG Mobile or Arena of Valor, among many of the most popular titles globally. Therefore, it is a totally legal and legal method to play the new mobile title and we can synchronize our progress between the different platforms without fear of being banned.

That said, the first step will obviously be to download the program from the GameLoop page.

Once the file is downloaded to your computer, we will run it and be welcome to the home page di GameLoop. In it, it is likely that we will see a panel from which we are allowed scaricare Call of Duty: Mobile. Depending on your internet connection, this process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

You can play Call Of Duty: Mobile using keyboard and mouse thanks to GameLoop

After finishing the installation, we can start the game and log in with our Facebook account or play with a guest profile. Also, it won't be necessary edit controls as this version of the game is optimized for operate with mouse and keyboard like any other shooter we could have installed on the PC. Even so, in the panel located on the right side of the GameLoop window, the different game controls appear, which can be changed from the settings panel.

However, the game also offers the option of modify aspects related to the visual section, to obtain the best possible performance or increase the graphics level to the maximum if our computer allows it. The option selected by default will be «Full HD», although at any time it is possible to access the game settings and completely change the graphics parameters, in the same way as in the mobile version.

And basically ... that's all. The game installation process is extremely simple and, since it's already optimized for use on a computer, you won't need to make any changes to game settings to enjoy a satisfying experience with the new Activision shooter.

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