Can multiple people track the same AirTag? How is it possible?

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It is evident that Apple has equipped the world with some of the most used phones, computers, music listening devices in the world, but its list of innovative equipment does not end there, as beyond that, this company has dedicated itself to create tablets (iPads), speakers, headphones, smartwatches, voice assistants, etc.

But among its 'assets' of equipment, we must also highlight some quite particular ones, which serve as a great complement to other equipment such as the iPhone, for instance. A perfect example of this type of equipment are AirTags.

You may be wondering, What is an AirTag ?, The question is quite simple and we will explain it to you in detail. Maybe these aren't their most popular devices, but they are quite useful devices. These equipments are used in order to being able to trace any lost object within a certain radius of space, have a circular shape and are quite small and compact, so they don't take up much space and can be used in keys, wallets, jackets, bags, whatever.

Who can track my AirTag?

As you can imagine, these devices they work via a GPS network connected to Apple's "Maps" application, so thanks to these AirTags you will be able to track with great precision any device that you have connected to your Apple account. But, being devices that can be tracked remotely, the question arises: Can anyone else track my AirTag ?, and the answer to that question is a resounding no.

Apple has created these devices so that they can be used in such a way fully encrypted, end-to-end and without leaving any data stored on the device.

So not even the same company can track the AirTags that you have linked to your Apple account, so if neither Apple, a normal user, much less. The only way a third party can track your device will be to have activated the ' lost mode ', so that in this way, through its GPS network, it can warn you that it has found it.

Can I give my AirTag to someone else?

As mentioned above, a third party cannot track your device, as it is encrypted, but all AirTags, before being used, they can be connected to the iPhone or iPad with which you will use them, but in the same way they can be links, they can also be disconnected, as if it were a simple link to BlueTooth.

In case you no longer need your AirTags, or want to share them, what you will need to do is access the settings of the device you are using it on and follow the procedure to be able to disconnect the AirTags,

to leave them as if they had been reset to factory settings. After that, the other user will be able to perform the pairing process with their device. But if anything is mandatory, it is the fact that the main carrier of the AirTags, will have to disconnect his device, using his data from Apple.

Can an AirTag be tracked by more than one person of my choice?

These devices do not allow unauthorized third parties to track yours devices connected, the only 2 ways another person can use your AirTags are: Whether you decide to unlink your AirTags to transfer them to that third party, or to report your AirTag as lost, in the famous 'Lost Mode', so so that people with surrounding devices can track them down for you if they are lost.

Otherwise, it's virtually impossible for someone else to keep track of your paired devices, since not even Apple itself has the authority to do so. Your data and connected devices will be totally safe from third parties, don't worry.

Can I share the location of my AirTag with family and friends?

Officially it cannot, since as we explained above, 2 devices cannot track the same Airtag at the same time, but you can do it unofficially, as by simply showing the information from your phone, you can do it, but if you want to do it officially, you will have to repeat the same procedure described above.

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