Can you use an Apple AirTag on Android?

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But Apple, in addition to designing a lot of equipment they have become one  fundamental part of our life, yes is also busy providing us with a lot of pretty cool accessories for all of these teams. From headphones, Smartwatches, speakers, drawing tablets, etc. But without a doubt, one of its most interesting equipment today is the AirTag.

AirTags, in case you don't know them, are devices designed by the Apple brand, which do not exceed the size of a coin, are round and compact. What makes them such an interesting product? and is that, these teams are able, thanks to a GPS system connected to the Apple "Maps" application, of track and show you the exact location of the object you decide to link these teams to.

These squares are ideal to be used as key rings, to be inserted in wallets and in all kinds of important objects that for no reason in the world we would like to lose and, if so, recover them.

What uses does the AirTag have on my Android phone?

You've probably entered this article wondering if you can use these devices normally, with an Android system, and the answer to that question is a resounding and closed no.

The same company Appe has confirmed that these devices can be used alone with the network provided by the 'Search' application, which is only found on devices like iPod and iPad. However, there is a specific situation where an Android phone will be able to use AirTags technology.

How to find the owner of an Android AirTag if I find one

As mentioned above, it is not possible to use an AirTag on an Android mobile phone, not completely, there is only one alternative to use it and it will depend solely on whether the device has been lost and the connected iPhone or iPad activates the 'lost' mode '.

How is that possible? Simple, the system of these devices has an NFC chip, which will activate automatically, thus allowing any surrounding device with an NFC and a similar application, to access the ' lost mode 'of these devices.

Similarly, when an Android device with NFC is brought close to a network where the NFC chip of the AirTag is activated, a web page will automatically open with the data of the person whose device has been lost.

Download and install the special AirTag app for Android

As you have probably already read, you can't download AirTag on Android and there is no "special version for Android" either, as these devices are programmed to work with Apple's exclusive search application, like many of its software and devices. Later we will tell you about how to get good alternatives for Android.

Find the owner of the AirTag using the app

When an Airtag is lost, it can usually be found by other Apple devices that have the search application. But in the case of Android devices, AirTags they can only be recognized by them, being in 'lost mode' and via NFC chips, present in both devices. When 'lost mode' is activated, a web page with the information of the AirTag owner will appear on the Android device.

How to find out whose lost AirTag is

If you are an Android user and want to find the owner of an AirTag, the only way to do this will be through the 'lost mode' provided by the same Apple user. If your Android has an NFC chip, being close to an NFC chip located in an Airtag, it will sync and open a web where will i data of the owner of the AirTag.

What alternatives to bluetooth trackers are there for Android?

As we have made clear, it is impossible to download an AirTag application for Android. But what we can recommend are alternative a AirTag per Android, with similar equipment and software. Since, thanks to the current market, there are always so many different versions of everything, thanks to the news.

The Tile pro:  This is a Bluetooth tracking device, it is one of the most used today, since, in addition to having a reasonable price of no more than 30 Euros, it is of great quality, compatible with Android systems, iOs, etc. .. It has a range of 120 meters and a variety of functions.

Samsung Smart Tag:  there are 2 versions of these devices, the standard version and the + (plus) version. As you can imagine, this is the Samsung version of AirTags, compatible for different devices. They work via Bluetooth, in the case of the standard, and with bandwidth in the case of the plus.

Chipolo One:  This is a universal tracking device, it is compatible with all Android devices and with any voice assistant in stock. These squares are similar to AirTags, as they are round, but colorful. They have a maximum range of 60 meters and work via Bluetooth.

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