Combinations, shortcuts and hotkeys with the keyboard in Minecraft

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Things might be boring at first. Above all if we have never played this game and we don't know how to enter or add commands in Minecraft. We will use the commands and access keys for even the most basic ones; how to do TP or teleport in Minecraft.

So, to help you, in this article we will talk a little bit of hotkeys in Minecraft and we will also teach you useful combinations and shortcuts so that you can enjoy this amazing survival game to the fullest.

Keyboard shortcuts in Minecraft

They are known as hotkeys, those that if pressed they perform a special action, display a menu or cause a unique combination to be created within the game.

There are several shortcut keys in Minecraft, that's why, below, we'll show you which ones they are some hotkeys and what function they perform.

ESC key, is used to open the player menu. In this menu we can access the game options, properties, statistics, etc. It is also very useful exit any drop-down menu such as chat, inventory, among others.

F1 key, with this key we can see the HUD of things. You may be wondering what is the HUD? Well the answer is quite simple, the  HUD is the outline of things. For example, if we look at a sign, the HUD will display the square outline of the sign.

F2 key, allows automatic game captures. By simply pressing this button you can create an image in png format.

F3 key, allows us to see general game information, for example what version of Minecraft we are using, how many FPS is the game, if we are connected to the internet it shows us the speed or MS of the game.

Shift + F3 key, shows the general information of the game, but with embedded graphics. It is basically the same function as F3, only it contains extra information and with a graph.

F3 + Q key, this is the most important key of all, as a command list which allows us to see everything we can do with the F3 key.

F5 key, used for change the player's view from the first to the third person. Pressing this button will help us see the skin of our character.

Combinations and shortcuts

When we talk about combinations in Minecraft, we mean using the button and mouse  for a specific action. Then you will learn the most basic and some advanced.

Right click of the mouse, by pressing a material in our inventory we can select it. But if we hold down the right button and drag the material into the empty spaces, it is split in half until it reaches one, for example: 64 wood, 32 wood, 16 wood.

Shift key + Right click, is used to throw all the same items in the inventory. Example, if I have 4 spaces in the inventory of 64 land cubes, I press this combination and when I shoot them on the X icon, the 4 spaces with the land cube disappear.

Another vital combination is the following; We select a material and then we open our processing table. There we place the material in the center and right click on the recipe; we can automatically see the things that are made with that material and the position to create it.

Thanks to the keyboard shortcut in Minecraft, you're all covered. We can even see the coordinates in Minecraft to know our location. Sure, a times we will have external problems; maybe we should fix Minecraft sound problems, or we have lag, among others. But there is a solution for everything.

As you can see in this article, there are so many keys rapid and combinations to do. If you found this information useful, leave us your comment to know your opinion and share this article with your friends.

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