Commands for Rust: How to optimize Rust with the best settings

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This aspect is totally far from the essential requirements for the use of the game inside the computer, since they are nothing more than commands that configure the platform in order to adapt to the taste of each individual.

This way, if you work as a server administrator or simply as another player of this popular video game, today you will be able to discover the various codes that will help you improve your experience.

How to enter the commands on the Rust platform?

The commands we will talk about today are totally far from the codes used to hack the game, which in addition to performing this function, are a safe pass for the expulsion of the game, so it is not recommended to use them.

In order to enter any type of command within the Spanish Rust server you work with, you can access the experimental platform via F1 or it can also be obtained via the general game console.

Common commands for players

There are different types of codes, which cannot be implemented by all members of the platform, but in case of common player, you can use the following:

Shows the speed at which the equipment operates

Many users have problems within the interface, due to performance problems of their computer, which is why commands like "Perf 1" show the frame rate per second, while “Perf 2” shows the usage of the RAM card.

User Interface

The "" code has the task of showing the interface that the user has during the experimentation within the game, as well as being able to insert "Gui.hide" to hide it.

Connect to the server

To enter a Rust server, or in this case configure the connection it establishes with it, each user must manage a series of commands that allow him to modify it quickly and efficiently.

“Client.connect ip: port” is the code that must be entered into the console for to be able to directly enter the server that the user wants, as well as using “Net.disconnect” to disconnect from it.

In case of connection problems, users can use “Net.reconnect” for re-enter the server they were previously connected to.

Activate streamer mode

The reason many players prefer streamer mode in Rust is because hides the names of other members platform and other screen changes. It can be obtained by transcribing "Streamermode 0/1"

Commands for Server Administrators

While there are several games similar to Rust, there is always a reason why various members of the Steam community prefer this video game.

In addition to facilitating access to the command for common players, for those who manage a server it also has codes that allow you to optimize the configuration of the platform.

Grant permissions to another player

This type of command is enabled only for those who manage a server of game, so that any other player can use it, you must write down "moderatorid STEAMID" to provide the license for use.

List of connected players

Through the "Status" command, each administrator will be able to view the data of clients connected to the server, as well as their identification in Steam, their connection ping and their IP.

Configure the connected users

As an administrator, the individual has the ability to kick (“Kick NAME”) and ban (“Ban”) any user that it deems appropriate. This way each individual can take full advantage of these commands and enhance the experience inside the incredible Rust.

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