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From the Madrid College of Psychologists warn us of problems associated with the misuse of technology:

When a person abuses technology there is often a psychological impoverishment as a consequence of the

loss or deterioration of off-line activities and socio-family relationships.

When there is a problematic use of technologies, some of these individual consequences may occur:

- They tend to normalize, justify, minimize, hide or deny their problem.

- They have difficulties to limit the time of use or control the behavior.

- They put at risk, lose and/or deteriorate their work relationships and/or business opportunities (in adults) and minors fail or have a lower school performance.

- They suffer dependence, tolerance and withdrawal syndrome in a very similar way to people addicted to substances.

- They feel sad, irritated and restless when they cannot interact with the screen: cell phone, tablet, console....

- They experience a desire or an emotional and physical impulse that only subsides once the behavior starts: chatting, checking a social network, playing a game...

- They need more and more time using technology, even in inappropriate places or spaces: in class, at a work meeting, at a lunch with family and friends...

- When they are not using technology, much of their time is spent talking or thinking about it and how to optimize their performance (more likes, play better, get what they are looking for in chats, etc.).

they are looking for in chats...). They may also worry about how to improve their Internet connection or how to upgrade their hardware and software.

- Sometimes they use technology as an escape route or as a solution to their psychological or relationship problems.