Drones: Proper use of the battery - First charge

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Knowing this information will allow you to properly charge your Drone, to make sure it is not damaged. To do this, you just need to know a few steps that will allow you to charge the battery at the correct hours.

There are many types of Drones, some are managed by communicating them and others are used via your mobile, that's why we need to have our mobile screen perfectly configured to rotate when using it as a control.

How to properly store the drone battery?

You need to know how to care for and maintain the batteries of your appliances. To save it, do not keep it charged or unloaded for a long time, if you see that it has a lot of charge, try to consume little, but if it has a very low charge, connect it until you reach the again 70% maximum. 

Do not keep it for months inside your drone, better remove it and store it in a safe place, where you know for sure that there will be no humidity, or where the sunlight can reach it ; do not overturn it or expose it to any blow.

When you charge it, you can use a special protective bag to keep it in good condition. After charging the battery, wash your hands thoroughly with plenty of water.

How to charge the battery of a drone?

Drones are devices used by anyone, which have multiple functions such as entertaining or recording and taking professional photos from above. It is very common for them to consume a lot of energy and that they need to be loaded in the best way.

Drones usually have a LiPo battery, which has several cells. It is best to use the cables or chargers assigned by the manufacturer or a balancing charger, you will only have to place it with the corresponding option of your battery and the voltages it has, this information usually appears on the surface of the battery.

Connect your battery to the charger in the hole where the cells indicate, we place the other cable leading ours red and black battery. Now we merge it to the other end of the battery, the best thing you can do is set up the charger correctly and mention the exact data of your battery. When you do, press the button that says "Star", then we'll have to press it again to confirm and that's it.

In addition to this, the Drones they help you explore new places and live new experiences, and believe it or not you can open your possibilities in the business market. And it is that not only this but that if we talk about business this reduces the shipping cost and in turn the transfer time. Because with this you can have in hand and with just one click many graphics and information available. Similarly, if you want to know places that you cannot easily reach, with your Drone you can do it, you just need encouragement to enjoy a new landscape through the screens.

How many hours do I have to charge the drone battery for the first time?

Drone batteries are generally very sensitive and we need to be vigilant so they don't get damaged. Chargers typically indicate when a battery is fully charged displaying a green light or a "Completed" message. But in the case of Drones, it is better to charge it for 2 hours and not only the first time, but also on other occasions.

Never let it reach 6 or 12 hours or not if it is new, as doing so will completely damage the battery. Likewise, it must reach 100% the first time, but after use, you can charge it up to 60% or 70%. When using your Drone it is not necessary to fully discharge it to charge it, try to use it until it reaches 30% to be able to recharge it again.

Never use the drone with low battery as it is 20%, this is a big mistake as it can discharge itself while in flight. If you notice that its flight time does not last long after it is fully charged, it will indicate that it is faulty.

When you stop using it, wait about an hour to remove it, as it can be very hot and you have to wait for it cool down so as not to burn us. If you hear a strange noise or bad smell when charging the battery, disconnect it immediately.

Always remember to load and store the battery of our Drone in a place totally away from flammable objects. Never keep it completely discharged, try to do this when you have between 30% and 50% available. At a temperature more or less between 5 and 20 degrees. If your Drone's battery has received some kind of shock or damage, avoid charging it this way at all costs, as it could cause quite serious damage to both you and our device.

Is it possible to charge a drone with a mobile charger?

We recommend charge it with a charger designed for this device. Since even if you don't believe it, doing it with another model can cause damage to our battery. Even without sounding over the top, it can catch fire and cause serious damage. Remember that when you start charging it is advisable to stay close to know if the battery has damage such as a shock or even causes a short circuit. In addition to other effects that can occur, however, these generally come with a 1-year warranty.

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