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It's no secret to anyone how much it was popular Fall Guys in recent days. Since its launch in February 2020, it has fascinated many young people with its Battle Royale genre.

His game mechanics are unique, his own visual aspect, built-in mini games and different skin lo make a standalone and outstanding game compared to others on the market ; however, enjoy it Fall Guys is not free.

If you like games of this style but don't have enough money to buy them, don't worry. For these cases there is Roblox, a title that has a lot to offer and without spending a single cent.

Incorporates multi-universes of all genres such as action, adventure, RPGs, auto, suspense, Battle Royale and much more.

With that in mind, a Roblox developer named Synaptix ha took the initiative to recreate the Fall Guys formula on a platform map. So this time we're going to talk about Ragdoll Royale, the copy of Fall Guys on Roblox.

Ragdoll Royale: the new Fall Guys on Roblox

Despite the fact that there are many independent game developers and creators who had the audacity to recreate the formula of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, no one has managed to create something like this.

Well, maybe no one has been as lucky as the map Roblox: Ragdoll Royale, and here in this note we will reveal all the secrets.

Ragdoll Royale: Autumn game for boys is here to stay

Creation of Ragdoll Royale

The vast majority of mappe Roblox are designed by the community and, this time, Synaptix ha released to the public in August 2020: Ragdoll royale, which has made a difference ever since.

This game hosts more than 10.000 users every day, reaching more than 18 million visits per month, which speaks volumes about its interface and gameplay.

Although it is still in the testing phase, it has suffered during the month various updates, with interface improvements graphics, in the characters, in the settings, among other things. But there is no doubt that your free copy of Fall Guys it was a hit on Roblox.

How to play copy of Fall Guys on Roblox

If you've ever had a chance to play or watch a game of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockoutthen Ragdoll royale it will look very familiar to you. It is about putting to the test the skills and abilities of 30 players running along a track, where you must dodge and overcome various obstacles not to perish.

Here's what the copy of Fall Guys looks like on Roblox

The road won't be easy, as most of the obstacles are moving and other competitors will be able to attack you, either by trying to stop you or by deviating from the course. The goal is to be among the first to reach the finish line and therefore to qualify for the next round.

For its part, along the way you will have checkpoint destinations, so if for some reason you fall on deaf ears, your game will start at the last checkpoint. The round ends once you qualify and all competitors have completed their 2 minutes of play.

Game design and interface

Once entered Ragdoll Royale, the first thing you will see is the foreground character, who will appear by default wearing a outfit similar to a green pajama and as you will see, his interface is extremely simple and intuitive.

In the part in top right of the main screen there is the level bar (diamonds obtained, money won and the crown icon representing the victories you have obtained in the different games), and the lower part consists of 6 buttons, which we will name below from left to right:

The characters from the Fall Guys copy on Roblox will be wearing green pajamas

  • Twitter Icon: here you can write the codes that the developer generated, they generally give you an extra skill within the game. These codes can be obtained by following the map developer's social networks.
  • Victory Icon: you will be able to view the table of all the winners, which will be organized from highest to lowest.
  • Avatar icon: after By clicking on this button, you will have access to the total customization of your avatar, be it the skin color, the color of the clothes, the change of the type of clothing and more.
  • Trash icon: is a shop where you can buy skins, balls, pets and other accessories. To make the purchase, you must have diamonds or money.
  • Add Player: this icon is located in the middle of the screen and right next to your character. At the moment of the click you can invite one of your friends on Roblox to the game.
  • Start game: there isn't much to describe, as clicking this button will start a new game in Ragdoll royale.

To start a new game, click on «CLICK TO PLAY»

How to start a game in Ragdoll Royale

When you click the button "CLICK TO PLAY", the game starts automatically, the scenario will be totally random, just like the opponents.

I controls you will use to navigate the I am game standard of any Roblox map, that is: the directional keys or letters WASD, the space bar to jump and the mouse to move and indicate the direction.

These are the commands you need to use to mobilize in Ragdoll Royale

As mentioned above, to be successful in each of the scenarios you must avoid dying at all costs. So the best thing you can do is avoid falling on both sides, quickly dodge obstacles on the way and be aware if a opponent wants to make an attempt on your life.

In short, it is a very addicting game which is worth starting to play with friends on Roblox, and also similar to the famous Fall Guys and totally free. Do not miss this opportunity and live a new experience.

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