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Chips or SIM cards are essential to properly use and get the most out of mobile devices. Well, it depends on them that it is possible access the various telephone services, in addition to the fact that they also serve to store certain types of information, since it is even possible to use the SIM to save contacts. Therefore, you need to learn how to insert the SIM card into the phone.

In this sense, part of the correct functioning of these SIM cards or chip depends on their correct installation. That is, you need to know the correct way to insert or insert a chip into your mobile phone.

For this reason, we will show you the steps you need to follow to learn to insert or insert a chip or a SIM card on your Samsung Galaxy A mobile phone.

Where to put the chip on my Samsung Galaxy phone?

Samsung phones, especially some of the Galaxy version, have a SIM slot different than other devices. In general, inserting the mobile phone's SIM card should be done on the back of the phone, under the battery or on top. However, in these phones this is not the case as the SIM card goes to the left side of the mobile phone.


These devices have a feature that makes them different from others. Since they have an internal slot on the left side of the phone, on the side. This slot is locked by some kind of key or skewer, so when you see it, you won't see a slot as such.
When you see it you will notice the surface of the phone but raised as if it were an extra button. When this slot is open, inside it carries a door or a SIM card slot, where you will see up to 3 slots.


Samsung Galaxy A02s also have this type of slot as one of its features. As these mobile phones are a version of the same base as the A02, keep these ports inserted on the left side screen.

How to open the slot on a Samsung Galaxy A?

A major cause of damage to mobile devices or any of the different slots available to them is that users don't know the correct way in which each of these different aspects it should be manipulated.

In this specific case, that is, to properly open the slot of the Samsung Galaxy A for insert or insert a chip or a SIM card, it is essential to manipulate the phone while it is turned off to reduce damage to the device software.

Next, you need to locate a small hole located on the left side of the device, in which you need to enter the corresponding key and exert a slight pressure to open said SIM slot.

In this way, you will have access to the Slot of a Samsung Galaxy A successfully and without inconvenience, therefore, devi alone be careful while handling this accessory of your device. To do this, avoid any kind of accident that could result from improper use.

What kind of chip or SIM card does a Samsung Galaxy A have?

Once you open or remove the tray corresponding to the chip or SIM card of your Samsung Galaxy A mobile, following the instructions in the previous section to avoid damage, you will notice that there are three different slots to insert micro cards.

I devices Samsung Galaxy A are a range of dual cell phones, that is, they have two slots to insert a chip into each of them. So if you want to have two lines you won't have to activate a virtual SIM in your device. Now, as far as the proper size these SIM cards need to be, it is the nano size of the chips.

It is important that you know the importance of insert a SIM card or chip of the correct sizeotherwise it could get stuck in the tray cellular. So, if you have a larger chip, there are ways to easily convert a SIM card to MicroSim.

How to insert a Micro SD memory card in Samsung Galaxy

The first thing you should check before inserting your mobile phone's SIM card into their respective ports, is whether the size is Micro or Nano. If you have previously bought a SIM card and it is not this size, you should send it to cut or do it yourself but very carefully.

After you have made the tray available to insert a chip or a SIM card on your Samsung Galaxy, the first thing you should know is that the largest opening of the three that this tray has is intended to insert the same. SD memory card. Therefore, the other two remaining slots correspond to the nanochips.

In case you have a single chip or SIM card, you have to insert it into the slot identified as SIM1, even if you insert it into the SIM2 slot, your Samsung Galaxy A device will still recognize it and it will work perfectly.

On the other hand, the correct way to insert or put a chip or SIM card into the corresponding slot is with the metal part of each facing down. Then the part that has letters or identifications goes up, i.e. directed towards the screen of your Samsung Galaxy A.

Finally, once you have inserted or inserted the chip or SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy A mobile, you just have to carefully insert the tray into the corresponding slot of your device and that's it. This way you will be able to to insert correctly the SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy A mobile phone.

How to correctly insert a USIM on my Galaxy

USIM cards are positioned similarly to SIM cards in Galaxy phones. So you need to have the same materials on hand. These are the spike or pin that pulls out the door of the card, the SIM card and of course the phone.

 A 5

To insert the SIM in your Samsung mobile, for the A5 version, you must first have removed the door from the slots. Then place the chip in the desired slot with the pins or metal legs facing down.


Similarly, in the Samsung Galaxy A7 correctly inserting the USIM card requires you to follow the previous steps. It should be noted that if your phone has a dual SIM card, that is, it supports two of these cards. The direction in which the card is inserted does not have to be the same, they must go in the opposite direction.

Find out how to extract your USIM card from your Galaxy smartphone

The way USIM cards are extracted from Galaxy mobiles is like doing it with a SIM card. Therefore, it is also necessary to open the slot that contains the doors where the SIM cards are stored.


On the A10 phone, you need to insert the tip or hole e turn it gently until the slot opens. The position of the spit must be perpendicular to the slot. Otherwise you run the risk of damaging both the ports and the screen of your mobile if you make a wrong move.

A 20

Inserting the SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy A20 mobile phone or removing it is as easy and simple as the previous cases. So when you open the slot, you need to remove the door slowly and smoothly, without applying too much pressure. And to remove the chip, just touch it with your finger tip up or flip the door and release the chip.

Ways to install and remove a chip from my mobile device

If you want to insert the SIM card into your mobile phone, and this is a Samsung branded phone in any of its A versions. Then, you have to follow the above mentioned procedure as all these phones have the slot on the side.

On the contrary, if it is another type of phone. The SIM slot is inside the phone. In these cases it is necessary to open the cover of the mobile phone and look for said slot. In some mobile phones you will find it under the battery, so you have to remove it to insert the chip.
On other phones, this port is slightly higher than the battery and without any latches. Therefore, simply press with your fingernail or finger to remove or insert the SIM

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