Here's how to disable or remove AutoCorrect on your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone Pro Max

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An autocorrect is software created by computer specialists. This tool was created to help people when they are not good at writing.

It speeds up the correction procedure and is similar to a dictionary that gives us the correct way to write words. Likewise, allows you to create words from the moment the user presses the keys, simplifying the writing, respecting the assertive or negative decision of the subject when using it.

The positives and negatives of removing AutoCorrect on your iPhone

There comes a time when the automatic checker irritates or annoys you because it can think and misinterpret the words of the people. In this way, it can sometimes be very fruitful, but on the other hand not, as it replaces the words you write.

If you're not looking at your phone, you can send a poorly worded message, ending up with totally illogical and meaningless writing, losing the idea you wanted to express. Even adding wrong words to your dictionary (although you can easily remove those words from the dictionary), making it difficult to type on your phone.

A well-known saying or popular phrase is "the remedy was worse than the disease". Something similar happens with automatic correction, in cases where something was spelled incorrectly, as it was not what it was intended to express, due to a word modified in function of said autocorrector.

What's the score? disaster, because a sentence or text has been sent that should not, in some cases, also pass moments of discomfort in which we must apologize by offering an explanation to the sender.

In that sense, the autocorrect is supposed to be that grammar lifeline, but the truth is, if you're not careful (especially when dealing with people who type very fast), things could end in a bitter mouthful.

For this you need to take a break to check that everything is well written before sending the message. If you find it annoying to do this, simply disable the automatic check and voila, problem solved. You can also try to change and configure the keyboard language of your iPhone to your liking.

Victims of self-correction

Unfortunately, most people around the world have been victims of this tool. If you are in one of these positions, the most practical thing you can do is disable or remove AutoCorrect on your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone Pro Max avoiding problems:

How to get rid of it?

In iPhone, the automatic checker offers multiple ways of use for text messages, files, notes, add new words, even to write correctly on the social networks. In some cases, this option is enabled on Apple devices, making instant changes and sometimes replacing words with emojis.

  1. Enter "settings".
  2. Click on the "general" option.
  3. Scroll down and open in "keyboard".
  4. And finally, disable automatic correction.

It's a super simple method that, by disabling this feature, you will have more freedom to write however you like and without any restrictions, using abbreviations, coded with a particular friendship and more. If the problem persists, you may want to consider installing a better keyboard app for your iPhone.

Keep in consideration!

When you disable the "Predictive" choice, that is the keyboard bar where phrases suggest standing up to what you are typing will disappear.

Another option that you will observe is the option " Check spelling “, This will warn you with a slight red underline of misspelled words. Disabling the spelling checker will cause the red text to no longer appear.

By removing the option " automatic uppercase ”The first letters of an uppercase letter will be deleted, leaving everything lowercase or randomly.

By setting up text replacement, you can cut out long sentences. The moment you enable it, the phrase will be replaced immediately.

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