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How to get skins in Valorant?

When we manage to download and install Valorant, we will be sure to feel excited and ready to discover all that the game has to offer. And the truth is, we are not disappointed, because all the functions and options we can enjoy in the game are of great quality.

As in any video game today, we can make purchases within the game to greatly improve our experience while using it. In fact, there are two ways we can shop on Valorant. First we can use the Valorant Ponits or PV, which can be purchased for real money and allow us to obtain more particular and unique objects.

On the other hand, we can also buy on Valorant with the help of Radianite or RP points. These can be obtained in the normal way within the game, as they are the rewards we get in the missions and in the combat passage. With RP you can buy PV, as they are interchangeable.

Furthermore, we can make purchases directly with real money. By creating a new account from Valorant you can enjoy both, and below we'll show you what it can be done with this virtual "money".

What kind of skins can we buy on Valorant?

Once you have the amount of money you want, what can you buy with it? Well, the truth is that, unlike other games, here are the skins we can get are for the weapons and not for the player. But we can really enjoy ourselves, as we spend a lot of time in the game looking at our weapons.

With Valorant points we can unlock new high quality weapon designs and with Radianite points we can improve or evolve other designs and thus make them look much better. In addition to these wonderful skins, we can also purchase visual and sound effects that greatly enhance the gaming experience. Of course, these can only be seen by us and not by other players.

Where can we buy the skins on Valoran and how much do they cost?

We can get everything we need in the game from its official store. The Valorant shop and the cosmetic contents are of high quality. In this shop the skin packs will be available for 10 days until they disappear, as well as the individual skins will remain for 2 consecutive days.

The shop has two sections, the highlights and offers. The one for highlights renews every two weeks, while the one for offers every two days, so we can always find new options to choose from.

We find different prices that suit our circumstances. For example, speaking of the Ion collection, we can Purchase the full weapon package for approximately 7.100 VP, as well as having the ability to purchase weapons individually. Four of them cost 1775 each, while the most expensive and advanced cost around 3550 VP.

Another way we can get skins in this fun game it is with the contracts of the agents. Just as we can get new agents, skins for your weapons may be included in the package.

When they discover what Valorant is, many may have wondered what they can find in the game. As you will see, there is a lot to do and with its beautiful skins we can enjoy it so much more. We invite you to try them and enjoy the game.

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