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The launch of Wanaka Farm was launched recently, long before its launch was there mobility in pre-sales, which left users' wallets a bit empty within Wanaka Farm. To recharge them you have to buy Wanas, but before buying them you have to find out what their price is.

The price of this type of currency can sometimes vary, but this variation occurs from time to time and not always. Next we will show you the price of Wanaka Farm currency, how this type of currency has increased, who are the best players in Wanaka Farm, whether it is convenient to buy Wana and other things worth knowing.

How much does Wanaka Farm virtual currency currently cost?

Wanaka Farm Coins are bought with cryptocurrencies by Binance, thanks to this the price of the coin sometimes remains stable. However, the current price for Wanaka Farm Wanas is around $ 3,50. In certain seasons the price of the Wanas can remain immobile, but it can also become restless.

Times when this type of coin gets a little restless, it can go up to very expensive or it can even go down until it's on the ground. So, to avoid higher costs when buying, you can buy many coins when they are at a low price or otherwise there is also the option to leave your money in the Binance account.

How has the value increased in the Wanas of the Wanaka Farm game?

At the time of the sale of the land at Wanaka Farm, the game had not yet been released to the public. This is why the price of "Wanas" was so unstable. However, before the full version of the game was released, the designers have released a basic version which users loved very much.

Thanks to this and some publicity it is that the popularity bases of the game were fine. Also, people put away the trust them in this game buying a lot of coins, because there are many opportunities to make a profit by playing them. The trading opportunity and game modes to make Wanaka Farm an adventure video game also helped progress.

List of the best places to buy Wanaka Farm from your computer

Wanaka Farm is a game that can be played on various devices, but almost everyone plays it on their computer due to the convenience. If you want to play Wanaka Farm, you need to download it to your computer. After you have it on your computer, you would need use certain financial instruments. Let's see what are the best sites for this:


The “Capital” website is not well known to people who play Wanaka Farm. On the other hand, it is a perfect site for selling and also for the purchase of Wanaka Farm. If you always want to play it safe, always use the “Capital” website. In case for some reason you don't like that site, you can use another one called 'eToro'.


Another website that is used for the sale and purchase of various financial materials is eToro. Inside eToro you will find things like cryptocurrencies, currencies and stocks. Based on this, you may have already noticed that you have two options to purchase "Wanas". These two options are to buy cryptocurrencies and then buy "Wanas" or else search directly for "Wanas" and then make the purchase.

What's better, buy Wanas today or until the game is released to the general public?

This question is asked by many people who they want to keep playing at Wanaka Farm in the future. The answer to this question is very simple and indeed it is a logical answer. It is much better to buy coins (Wanas) at Wanaka Farm right now because the game hasn't peaked yet.

So, since the game hasn't peaked yet, its currency hasn't skyrocketed yet. However, once that the game becomes popular, your currency will cost more than it is worth right now. This is like stock in a company, let's take Google as an example.

When Google started, the his actions weren't much expensive and anyone could buy them. Today the same does not happen, as it has become a large company. That is why it is good that you purchase “Wanas” from today and while the game is not fully released yet, you can play some mini games on your phone.

How has the increase in value been in Wanas in recent months?

We previously mentioned that each Wanaka Farm "Wanas" initially cost about "$ 3,50". You will be surprised to know that by September 23, 2021, each "Wanas" was worth approximately "$ 6,15". This is just at the start of the game launch, which means that the cost could increase further in the future.

Only by knowing this information is it known that it is a good investment to buy Wanas from now on. Besides play Wanaka Farm to earn money, you can also download video games from Steam. To be attentive to the price of the Wana you just have to enter the official website of Wanaka Farm.

How can you buy your Wana and add them to your Wanaka Farm account?

The purchase of Wanas via a certain platform is easier than when making the purchase, as Wanaka Farm tells you. If you want to buy "Wanas" for Wanaka Farm, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter the website where you want to buy Wanaka Farm Tokens (it could be one of the ones we mentioned earlier).
  2. Enter the Wanaka Farm Tokens section.
  3. Proceed with the processing of the exchange, enter your Token account, pay the Wanas and everything will be ready.
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