How and where to download the demo version of Minecraft

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It should also be mentioned that to get this version, you need to create an account in Minecraft or formerly known as Mojang. When you create it you will be able to access the game for free, but it must be said that this game has several restrictions that you will be able to achieve by downloading the normal game.

La free trial it does not have a precise deadline but it should be noted that the player must remain active in the world for a period of 100 hours. This must be achieved so that it does not reboot.

Steps to download the Minecraft demo

To get the Minecraft demo, you first need to open your favorite browser on your computer. So you have to enter the Minecraft page, when you enter you will see a number of options and games.

At the same time, the option for " get Minecraft ”So you can identify what type of device you want to play with. Once selected, you can play but it should be noted that this option leads to the payment method.

So to access the demo version you have to go down and look for the option " explore games ”From this section you can find the game you want to get in the demo version. Once selected, a new window will open.

Also in the menu at the top right there is the option " try it for free ”Where you can click, also next to it is the option“ get Minecraft ”.

Subsequently, by clicking on the option "Try it for free", you will be able to enter a new window where you can select the device on which you want the download to take place. Once done, you can register an email address followed by a password to create the account.

By performing this step you will be able to identify the device you want to enter and finally click on " install now ". It is important to note that to have the demo version it is necessary to meet a series of requirements that the system describes.

It is important to note that the device must be linked to the Microsoft account to accept the process and then perform the installation.

Easily download Minecraft demo on PS4

Initially it must be said that if you can download Minecraft for PS4, you have to enter the PlayStation "store" and finding yourself there you have to click on “games”. Which is located in the menu on the left panel.

By clicking on the games, the option " demo “, In this section you can find the games and you can organize them by writing an old one. Then the available games are automatically organized by versions or release dates. This way you can locate the desired Minecraft demo game, then you have to scroll down until you select it.

Then you can click on " enters ”In the selected option, when the new window opens you will find a description and an image of the demo version. It will also show up in the left menu where it says " Free demo ”So you can get the free Minecraft demo on PS4.

By clicking on the free demo option, the download process will begin, which can be viewed in the bottom bar. The download doesn't take long and voila, that way you can download the Minecraft demo and start playing.

In short, following the steps indicated for both PC versions and PS4, you can get the demo version of Minecraft easily. It only remains to install them and then you can enter them to be able to test it and determine if the game is good to be able to enter the payment options.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you Were you able to download the demo version of Minecraft? Do you know of another way to download the demo version of Minecraft? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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