How battles work in Axie Infinity: stats, bonuses and attacks

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What stats does each Axie have and what is their function?

The aces they have four stats: Health, Morale, Skills and Speed, which work in the game as follows:


The health stat, also known as HP, is the Axie's ability to resist attacks and remain standing.


Known as Skill, that's what it is adds damage when performing combo attacks (i.e. the number of cards or moves you play).


This stat refers to your chances of being critically hit by an opponent's attack.


Also known as Speed, designates the Axie who must attack first (he or the fastest) and reduces the chances of receiving a critical hit.

Axies have 140 base stats, spread across these four stats. They vary depending on the species of each Axie and the parts of its body.

What are the body parts of each Axie and how do they affect the battle?

In Axie Infinity, the bodies of each Axie have six parts: eyes, ears, horns, mouth, back and tail, of which the last four are responsible for determining the role each plays in battle.

Each body part also adds stats to the Axie, depending on which class it belongs to. The classes have strengths and weaknesses compared to the others and are the ones that designate the stats that will affect the Axie in battle.

How do the game's battle mechanics work?

Axie Infinity consists of playing in turns, using the cards of each of the three Axies of our team, thinking carefully about the execution of each movement and how it affects the opposing team's chances of victory and defeat.

How is battle damage calculated?

The damage is calculated by comparing the class of the card used by the attacking Axie with that of the defending Axie. As we have already said, the class determines the strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, if we use a Dawn card to face an Axie Beast, will come inflicted an additional damage of 15%. Otherwise, using a Beast-type card to battle a Dawn Axie takes 15% less damage. If an Axie uses a card of the same class, he will receive an extra 15% shield.

How are combo attacks and criticisms performed?

Combined attacks are made using two or more cards in the attack round (each team of three has a deck of at least 24 cards), whose attack power will depend on each Axie's abilities.

Damage can be calculated using the formula (attack x skill) / 500. For example, an Axie Beast (31 skills) plays the Hungry Bird (110 damage) and Hare (120) cards.

We calculate that 31 x 110 = 3410/500 = 6,8. This means that Hungry Bird, if played with another card, will take an additional 6-7 damage. If 31 x 120 = 3720/500 = 7,4. Likewise, the hare will take about 7 additional damage.

Critical attacks and the likelihood of hitting them are based on the morale of each Axie (the higher it is, the greater the probability). A critical hit can cause up to 200% damage to the recipient, but they are random and non-specific.

What are the bonuses that exist in Axie Infinity?

There are two bonuses in the game, which create different benefits depending on the case, which give you a small advantage to win more money by playing.


This is achieved by using cards of the same class as the Axie and with this the defender receives a 10% shield.


When Axie's team (regardless of the class of their bodies), plays the same class of cards in a round, it's known as chaining. This bonus varies between 5 and 6%.

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