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We know the Internet is there computer network largest in the world and Chrome is the most popular browser; However, despite the large amount of information available, it is sometimes necessary block alcune web pages in Google Chrome, Both for the protection and safety of the little ones in the house, either simply to avoid distractions in the work area that affect your productivity.

Whether you're a parent, a network administrator, or a common user, this Chrome setting can help you control the sites you visit constantly or prevent your kids from accessing banned sites. All this and more, you can get it with Google Explorer.

Therefore, this time you will learn how to block web pages in google chrome, on mobile devices or computers in an extremely simple way.

Block websites in Google Chrome

Thanks to the diversity it presents Google, you can perform various tasks, be it changing the language and translating web pages, desktop shortcuts, changing the home page, and even the ability to install various extensions.

How to block web pages in Google Chrome - step by step

With these applications you can avoid procrastinating during working hours, especially on social networks or multimedia platforms ... Furthermore, you can apply blocks, create a program and manage websites, this so that the little ones at home do not visit censored sites at your age. To complete this process, you need to do the following:

On computers

One of the extensions that you can install in the Google Chrome browser and which will be used to block all the pages you want is called: BlockSite. To download it, follow these steps:

  • Download on BlockSite by following this link.
  • Click on the option "Add to Chrome". Now you just have to wait for the download to complete and install automatically.
  • Once installed, the icona BlockSite will appear at the top right.

How to block web pages in Google Chrome from a computer - step by step

  • To block web pages you need to log in to the portal. Then click on the icon "Block this site" And that's it.

  • Now, if you want to unlock the pages, click on "Edit list" and the pages you have blocked will appear. They will be represented with a minus symbol, in this case click on the symbol to unblock the web.

It should be noted that with this extension it is possible to program a block plan, for example from hours (9:00 to 19:00) accompanied by your favorite days and it will also be possible to redirect the blocked pages to a special website.

As if that weren't enough, you can protect BlockSite from intruders with a password, either to access the list of blocked pages, or to remove a website from the list or uninstall the extension.

Your Android

The smartphone is one of the devices that has revolutionized humanity, but it is also a distracting object, especially when browsing the internet, so the best solution is to block websites or applications that interfere with your work productivity.

Fortunately for many, the BlockSite per Google Chrome it is also available for Android and serves the same purpose. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Download BlockSite from the Play Store or from this link and click "Download" . Like any other app, it will be installed automatically, so tap "You open".

How to block websites in Google Chrome from Android devices: step by step

  • After running the app, tap "I ACCEPT", then click "ALLOW ACCESSIBILITY".
  • Now you just have to add the pages you want to block, for this press the plus symbol (+), which is located at the bottom right.

  • Then it will show a window with certain pages by default, you just need to tap the plus symbol (+) to add it and block its use.
  • In addition, the applications installed on the mobile will appear in the form of a carousel. Here you will also have the option to block the ones you deem necessary.
  • Once you have added the applications and pages, tap on "DONE", located at the top right of the app and that's it.

  • To unlock applications or pages, you need to access the section "Block list", then click icon of basket and in doing so remove that application or page from the list.

Your iOS

Not only in the Android OS you can block sites, even the iOS system has its applications for block access to certain portals. The peculiarity is that some are paid and others are free, the most popular are:

How to block websites in Google Chrome from iOS devices - step by step pexels

  • Zero Willpower: This app is priced at $ 1,99 USD and allows you to create a simple list of all the websites you want to block from the Safari browser on your iPhone. This app has a timer, so you can block one or more sites for a limited time. Download Let us know if you have any suggestions
  • Site Blocker: this app is free and allows you to block websites that distract you or that you don't want to browse in Safari, you can also block specific applications that you have on iOS devices. This app includes a timer among other features which can be very useful. Download Let us know if you have any suggestions

Extensions to block websites in Chrome

As expected, BlockSite it is not the only extension available in the Google Chrome store for locks, there are many in the store; however, the effective ones are few. This is a list of the best extensions for block websites on Google Chrome.

  • nanny web
  • StayFocusd
  • TinyFilter
  • Website blocking beta

They all have similar features, whether it's blocking pages, managing them, creating working hours, restricting access, among other features.

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