How does Arena of Valor roulette work? What are luck points for?

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Before getting into roulette, here's what you should know about Arena of Valor

Being one of the most League of Legends-like MOBA games, basically the operation of both games is quite similar. Regarding Arena of Valor, its interface has a section known as “Store”, where various aspects are acquired to improve.

Of course, as you might expect, the store divides items based on how they perform within the game. Those of standard value can be redeemed for gold, while other more coveted ones can be purchased with "Coupons".

That's right, within the spectrum of the game, understanding how Arena of Valor roulette works is first and foremost knowing the tradable coins. In general, experience aside, AOV works with gold, gems and the aforementioned vouchers.

But, for sure, what differentiates one from the other? If you are a beginner, you probably don't know the usefulness of each one yet. Their reach varies depending on what you want to achieve and by themselves they run a major branch of the game.

The typical gold coins

The sum of the gold coins won will be proportional to the victories obtained in each game. The more you are expert in Arena of Valor, the greater the reward. They are used to purchase heroes or arcana depending on the amount you have.

Accessorize with mystery gems

As for gems, they are just as important in relation to gold, complementing some things that are missing. They can be obtained by completing certain missions or showing regular activity on the platform. In turn, by understanding how roulette works in Arena of Valor, you can also win gems with it.

Its use lies mainly in the own section within the AOV store, where you can choose various packages. Mainly that of the heroes stands out, as well as double experience cards for a number of days.

Vouchers make the journey easier!

Just like you can invest or put money into League of Legends, the same goes for AOV. By redeeming a certain amount of real money, you can buy vouchers. Its range is really wide, making it easier to buy any item in the shop.

Now find out exactly how Arena of Valor roulette works!

Considering the above features, using Arena of Valor is interesting rather than creating a LoL account. However, it still has a long way to go.

To use Arena of Valor roulette in the first place, you have to enter the game and locate the "Shop" section. When the following menu appears on the left, go to the bottom where the word “Roulette” is reflected.

The last step in understanding how Arena of Valor roulette works is that it is activated with so-called “Magic Crystals”. Most of them are obtained through vouchers; however, the game offers a purchase limit of 5 gems per day.

Then, what you should do is go to the "Gem Store" and then buy Magic Crystals with the limit in mind. When you get them, go back to the roulette section, select the “Spin once” button and that's it. Go easy! Wait for the chance to perform his maneuver.

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