How does combat work in New World and which weapons are better?

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New Word is a new game that is breaking records among players, but for some there are still questions about how some game mechanics work and how to get more out of them, since it's a relatively new style in MMO games.

If you are interested in knowing the combat and the weapons you will find in the game, don't worry, you are in the right place to answer your questions, we will also give you tips to beat your opponents with ease.

What types of damage are there in the game and in what situation should they be used?

Within New World you will find many ways to improve your combat experience and with this rank your character's abilities, whether you choose between being a Tank or even being a Magic DPS, this game gives you the freedom to switch classes with ease while playing that is a novelty in an MMO game, the basis had always been established to choose a class in the game and be that one to the end, as you see it in all installments of World of Warcraft.

In this game you will find a total of 11 types of weapons, which are divided into two, melee weapons, here you will find two classes in this one, one-handed weapons which are the sword and the shield, the rapier and the ax, and the two-handed weapons which would be the spear, the great ax and war hammer; You will also find rank weapons like the bow and musket, in this there are also magical types which are the staff of fire, the staff of life and the gauntlet of ice.

Remember that your character's abilities are not tied to him as such, but to the weapons he is using; Each weapon has its own skill tree, which we will unlock and improve as we fight with these, each weapon will have six skills that you can equip when you use it, with up to three skills.

But you don't have to worry, your character can have two weapons that you can put in while fighting, so you can use a total of six skills with both weapons, creating very effective combinations during combat.

In the end, we have to choose the weapons that go best with the attributes you are increasing, remember that weapons do not do particular damage, but will have different types of damage to depending on the skill you choose for your weapon or the advantage it has, within the game there is a color system to know the damage caused to the opponent, actual or not, blue indicating that the type of damage is not it is effective, white for neutral damage, yellow to indicate that the damage is effective, and finally orange to indicate a critical hit.

You will also get very varied benefits, thanks to the different types of gems that you will find throughout the map and you can equip your weapons, armor and jewels ; These when equipping them will give different advantages, each gem has two advantages that you can take advantage of, an offensive that is added when you place it on your weapons and another defensive that will be added when you place it on jewels and armor. The level of advantage will depend on the cut of the gem, which are:

  • Defective cut, which offers Tier 1 benefits.
  • Regular cut, which will give us level 2 benefits.
  • Brilliant cut, being level 3.
  • And finally, the pristine cut, which will give us level 4 perks.

In New World, you'll find these types of damage that will vary with the weapon you carry and the perks each one offers.


This is a basic damage type that you will find in the ax, big ax and sword, all melee weapons, this damage will depend on the rarity of your weapon and to improve this type of damage you will only need ranking increases your skills and you can add gems to these weapons to add some perks before your enemies increase the damage under certain circumstances, such as carnelian which will be perfect if you are tank class or if you are melee the opal DPS.

Otherwise, if you want to improve protection against this type of damage, you will only have to equip yourself with a moonstone gem in your jewelry.


Lunge or lunge damage can be found in ranged weapons such as the bow and musket, as well as melee weapons such as the rapier and spear, this type of damage will vary also to depending on the rarity of your weapon, and it will increase as you increase your skill level and stats, to increase the effectiveness of this damage in bows and spears you can insert a malachite gem or if you use the musket the moonstone.

If you want to defend yourself against this type of damage, you can equip yourself with a diamond or malachite, these are hybrids and will protect you from all types of damage in a certain percentage.

To knock

A kind of damage that you will find in the war hammer, this as all will improve the damage it causes as you progress through the game by improving your skills with your character's weapon and Strength, it is also possible to combine it with gems such as opal to have an advantage over different types of characters. If you want to increase your resistance against this type you must equip yourself with a jasper gem.


This is a type of elemental damage, which will be predetermined in the fire staff, can also appear in rare, epic, named and legendary weapons and armor. This can also be obtained by combining rubies with your weapons, armor and jewels, being for weapons its damage from 20% to 50% will become fire damage and for armor and jewels from 2% to 3,8% resistance to this.


This can be found specifically in the Ice Gauntlet, and there is also a certain chance of getting it in Rare, Epic, Named, and Legendary Weapons, which vary by level of rarity, even when equipping Aquamarine ranges to your own gear , both for transform the part of the danno physique of your weapon in ice damage, or to gain resistance against it in your armor and jewelry.


This is a more usable type of damage if you are healer or healer class, you can get it in weapons with higher rarity than common and by equipping an amber in your weapon, armor and jewelry. This gem it combines perfectly with the stick of life, as it will transform the amount of damage from the weapon or the percentage of concentration of the character into damage of nature from 20% to 50%.

This is because only the staff of life is the weapon that increases concentration, this will allow you to have more offensive tactics as a healer easily, as well as combining them in your armor and jewels will give you 2% to 3,8% in protection against this type of damage.


Void damage is elemental type damage that is perfect in your melee weapons  or from melee, obviously if our enemy has no protection against this type of damage, it can be a random advantage when we get a rare, rare, epic, called or legendary weapon, depending on the percentage of advantage from the rarity level as you have already seen before.

You can also equip a perk of this damage type by adding amethysts to your weapons, armor and jewels, in the case of weapons 20% to 50% damage transformed into void damage, and with armor and jewelry an increased Void damage absorption from 2% to 6%.

Lighting bolt

We can get it by inserting topaz in your equipment, in the case of jewels and armor these gems will give protection against lightning, being the case of having a level 4 increase, for example a maximum of 3,8% absorption before this damage, or weapons that will give you up to 4 levels of electrification, transforming 50% of the danno of the weapon in maximum lightning damage. It can also appear randomly in the perks of weapons with higher than common rarities.


Finally, in the world of New Word we will also find arcane damage, this like all types of elemental damage that we can get randomly obtaining a weapon above the common rarity that also has the advantage of 'Magic Upgrade'. obtain by adding sapphires to our team, to transform part of the damage of the weapon into arcane damage or to have resistance against it thanks to armor and jewels with this gem equipped, in this case it will give you the advantage called 'arcane protection'

What are the best weapon combinations in the game?

In New Word you will find the possibility to choose between 11 different weapons, with more than 120 combinations between them to customize the fighting style and the class of your character, everything will be to your liking since the weapon that you will adapt more easily, what is better look for combinations that cover both hand-to-hand and long-range combat with ease, here you can see some of the best combinations that you can easily play like a pro with.

Rapier and fire crew

This combination is one of the strongest when it comes to pure DPS, these two weapons will allow you to cause damage quickly, as they will give you a combination of melee attacks in a burst and sustained long range magic damage, with this we will have a good mobility between attacks, but you will be a little bit vulnerable when you fight alone, so it's best to use this strategy when going in a group.

To get the most out of this strategy, combining time damage skills like using Singe of the Fire Staff and then Tondo of the Rapier will take some time to master the mechanics of quick weapon switching between attacks, but one once done you will be unstoppable.

Rapier and bow

Another perfect combination for cause a good amount of damage per second, when using the rapier with the bow to have constant damage figures, this thanks to the fact that between the two we will have a combination of powerful attacks and damage skills continuously during the fight.

With this you can quickly deal with close combat with your rapier and at long range when you move away from the enemy while continuing to cause constant damage, this is very useful if you have bleeding effects on your enemy caused by the rapier, since, if you keep attacking it, it passes quickly to the bow, it will continue to take damage from this ability, of course if you don't stop causing damage with your arrows.

War Mace and Ice Gauntlet

This combination is very powerful, with this one you can not only cause damage from a distance, but you can also stun and slow your enemies easily when fighting in melee; This is very efficient, as by the time your target arrives to attack you in melee, you have already dealt a lot of damage from a distance, so your target will be severely injured and slowed down by the gauntlet, ready to take the final blow with your own. war hammer ...

The Ice Storm and Ultimate Chill skills will be particularly useful, as they will make you more valuable at long distances for your team, as they will not only increase your damage, but also give you some perks, which will make you useful for stopping enemies. one of the most powerful weapons in terms of critical damage in one shot, effective for completing your objectives quickly.

Staff of life and hatchet

Using this highly effective combination will make you a healer more capable of defending you, since as you already know, the damage of the ax will increase as your health level decreases, thanks to the numerous advantages of this weapon such as Berserking Refresh and Defy Death, they need you to lose your life to increase the damage you can inflict with this.

Although the ax or hatchet alone is very effective in causing a large amount of damage per second, when the damage ramp period is over, you will be left with a very low health level and will have to find out how to restore completely While the abilities recharge, because this is the stick of life, during that break you can use it to quickly regain your HP, without needing the help of another player.

Compared to other games, is the combat system good?

This new game available on the Amazon Moon platform, is a unique MMO since it does not follow the normal lines for a game of this style, it breaks with the stereotypes imposed by games like World Of Warcraft, it is also inspired by active action combat mechanics, as we have seen in episodes like Dark Souls.

In addition to encouraging the player to do crafting activities to improve their equipment and stay alive in this open world game, they have also added virtual life activities such as planting or having a house in the game. This all affects, but the truth is that what's really addicting and new is in-game combat, whether it's PvE or PvP.

Of course it has some flaws, it is not possible to cover everything, nor to make it to everyone's taste, since this game tries to lay the foundations to change the typical routines that traditional games had, with a fundamental foundation the natural ability of each player, and that is why it is a challenge for developers, trying to insert new mechanics in an online open world game, in itself is difficult to keep the game free from crashes and bugs due to the large number of users on their servers.

The combat system of this game is almost unique, achieving combat strategies that would only be comparable to the combat mechanics and abilities of Elder Scrolls Online, but with the difference that New World has faster and more powerful weapon changes, which make the secondary visualization skills in combat.

Where is the New World combat system failing?

As we said before, the combat system is not perfect, but even so it is still new and compelling, here you will see some of the most notable flaws, so that you have the information you need to decide whether to buy this game or not.

Poor accuracy

This game doesn't have one great precision in making attacks, the combat mechanics may be inspired by the active action of the Darks Souls, but this does not mean that they are the same in terms of efficiency and speed, this makes them Fighting, especially in groups, is incredibly inaccurate, basically because it is very difficult to unleash a blow against your opponent.

There is no need to make decisions

The idea of ​​the freedom of being able to switch classes whenever you want, seems like a great hook for luring players, but that no matter which class you choose to fight, this makes all the equipment you find or the skills you have struggling to do irrelevant. This problem has made players think that no matter what class they use or change, all fights look the same as well game progress becomes monotonous.

In other words, the solution that the game's developers have given to the common MMO problem that when you choose a class, it will always be that by making the game monotonous, you just put it off for a while, as soon as you try all the games. classes, in the end you will stay with the one you like best.

There are no good combinations

This is one of the notable flaws, due to the small number of weapons, and the fact that the developers did not want to delve into adding complex mechanics such as skill bars or more complex combos to make combat more organized and strategic, this makes It is not necessary to think of a complicated strategy to defeat a boss in the game, the same attacks you usually do for common enemies will be enough.

Also because we have only 11 different weapons, there are not many good combinations between them to fight, of the 120 combinations you can experiment with these, there are only five or ten that are really effective and useful.

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