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What is the League of Legends House Event?

This home system is of cumulative type, that is, while you play you will accumulate points that will be saved directly on the board of your faction, which will be reflected in the rankings, ranking according to the amount. These points will help you climb the League of Legends rankings.

This event was first launched in 2019, formally known as Trials, which has received enough positive reviews to continue for much longer, in the form of seasons that repeat each year.

There are four houses in League of Legends and you can choose based on the description of each, which is meant to group players who represent themselves with the same oath.

That said, each of these factions represents various types of play styles, which can be creative or full of resources, solitaire, team play or group support and game intelligence.

Before entering any teahouse, we recommend that you specialize in the game by obtaining and learning how to use the best runes and acquiring the game's champions.

What are the Trials factions? Description of each

As you discovered earlier by reading this text, each of these houses has some sort of description that identifies it, and that refers to a style of play, or the means used to guarantee the game.

town hall

The type of faction that focuses on game intelligence, basing its beliefs that strategy is everything to win, and its way of winning will be supported by the phrase " A step forward".

By itself, careful thinking of every move and aspect of the game is what moves this group, enjoying a sharp enough awareness, allowing them to read and anticipate the game's opponents to be ahead of them.

The United States

The people who join this faction are the ones who have put their ego aside, because there is no ego or selfishness on the team. It is a mechanism that needs all its parts to win, with the motto 'Together we are'.

In short, this is one of the League of Legends houses that lets itself be carried away by teamwork, based on an atmosphere of total harmony of the members, prepared to face any obstacle that arises.

The faceless

The faction of creative people, who like to invent new ways to surprise the opponent, using the surprise factor or unpredictable play. Likewise, users of this group are identified as unorthodox when performing on the battlefield.

It is a bit difficult to find someone who identifies as highly creative, although there are players who stand out for having a bit of ingenuity in grabbing people from the opposing team, using unusual styles and constructions.

The war band

It is the latest of the League of Legends houses and focuses on those attendees who tend to get on with everything they have and don't let a second go by for attack ruthlessly or without contempt.

They are also very talented players, who love the challenge of a great opponent, and who are able to carry the team on their shoulders, that is, they define very well people who maintain a solitary style.

In addition to the house event, Riot Games also launched the Master Tactics event.

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