How does the Adidas GMR chip work? - Know all its features

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By far, the new Adidas GMR chip has become popular with fans of mobile FIFA, an element that brings the game to reality and vice versa. Find out more about this spectacular chip and up everything Adidas has to offer you with it. This chip can be installed in your favorite soccer shoes.

You can buy this device at an Adidas store and we recommend that you buy it in a size that is comfortable for you.

What is the new Adidas GMR chip?

Technology surprises us more every day and Adidas has played with this chip to leave everyone speechless, something that can excessively improve your game. The features that have been applied to this chip are already known, but have never been used in this way.

The developed chip combines a gyroscope, a small processor and an accelerometer to correctly detect all movements. Registration takes place via a direct data transmission to a mobile phone, something truly exceptional.

This chip is a Google Jacquard Tag, which allows every movement made to be recorded, helping to improve the player experience. In addition, it allows you to increase skills, allowing the creation of interactive activities that encourage the user to improve their physical and virtual techniques.

How does the Adidas GMR chip work?

Mainly, the results of this chip are given by the mixture of components, each one has possibilities that together are great. On the other hand, the technology of data transmission and processing is the perfect complement.

When we talk about the gyroscope, it is responsible for measuring the movement made to get a pass or kick. Provide advice from the application, these, with the intention that the player can improve his kicks and steps.

The accelerometer instead will measure the speed of the race and those of the kicks, joins the gyroscope to determine the strength. This is extremely useful for improving the physical condition of the user, providing strategies to gain speed.

Last but not least, we find the internal processor, capable of providing very specific data to any mobile with the Adidas app. These are the main components that enable the function of this Adidas GMR chip, but they are not the only ones.

Inside the mobile phone you will have the head of this whole system, the Adidas GMR application, this app is designed to analyze the data provided by the chip. With these, you can run stats and create custom workouts to improve every aspect of the player.

In addition, you can propose activities and challenges that can help improve the player's physical condition, making him an excellent footballer. In addition, it has the possibility to count the steps, the calories burned and the progress of the training.

How does the Adidas GMR chip work with FIFA Mobile?

One of the features that made this chip more popular is its compatibility with FIFA Mobile, this application that has brought this game to new platforms. In it, the chip can record aspects of the user who apply to his avatar in the game.

Within this app challenges are proposed that help the user to improve their game and, at the same time, to provide quality to your avatar. This combination launched this chip into the skies, the vast majority of FIFA players are home soccer players.

With this chip, FIFA Mobile has provided users with the ability to enter a leaderboard of speed, power and style of play. This has turned the competition into something physical and virtual, making the game more and more real.

Keep in mind that this chip is not required to play FIFA Mobile, but it provides an improvement in the quality and management of the game. You will be able to play your skills smoothly and with great experience in and out of the game.

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