How does the economy work in the New World and what is its future?

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The evolution of the games over the decades has been incredibly evident, going from simple pixelated figures to exciting graphic adventures.

The games of today they marked a before and an after in the way we can entertain ourselves from our homes, with the possibility of reliving stories of all kinds.

In recent years we have seen the release of numerous games that have hit the market, the most famous being those third person shooter or first person shooter models involving players in modern combat.

However, one of the best types of games that never goes out of style are those adventure games, where we have an open world where we will have total activity to carry out our businesses.

A recent title that seeks to capture the essence of the open world and connect a huge set of players in an exciting MMORPG set on a mysterious island is the New World game.

In this new proposal from Amazon, we embody the actions of a castaway who arrives on the island of Aeternum where, together with other players, must seek resources and build equipment to overcome all challenges.

Where is the New World store and how to buy?

One of the most interesting aspects of this game is the possibility of forming your own economy from the items the players get. Either by gathering resources from our environment, by obtaining special items from difficult battles or by building special items.

In case we are new players and don't have an idea of ​​how to start selling our items or items to start accumulating wealth, you should see some guides.

This way you will know that New World has a interesting trading system in which a specific trading zone will be established for each faction, so the sale of our items will be limited to a specific territory.

To access these markets we will only have to go to a city and find a trading station, where all the options to buy and sell items will be available.

How to get coins in the New World?

Having enough wealth will make the way we perform on our adventure and in the case of New World much easier we will have different ways in which the game will reward us with luck.

This can be carrying out missions assigned by NPCs, annihilating our enemies in combat or conducting an in-depth market study and selling the most needed materials to other players.

Whatever method is used to tame a large fortune, we must bear in mind that it will not be that easy, then it takes perseverance and dedication on the part of the player to overcome the various obstacles.

What is the way to earn more Covenant Tokens?

Conventional game currency may seem like the only method available to us to get money in the New World, but we also have other systems that allow us to acquire equipment such as the Alliance Token.

This coin comes from a religious group that we can join in the New World and that he will reward us with 400 Tokens for each mission accomplished.

The missions carried out for the Alliance will be distributed in activities that can be carried out both in PVE and in PVP, offering an alternative for players to generate revenue.

Can trading on New World be considered "Pay to Win"?

When we talk about Pay To Win, we refer to benefits obtained by other players making microtransactions within the same game to receive advantages over players who enter for free.

In the case of New World, it has an extensive system well designed so that all players can make their sales of the items grown in the battles without any problem, even having additional options such as the alliance token.

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