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What is the story of the League of Legends game for?

Like any story, League of Legends allows you to know all the data regarding the games that have been played. It also provides some guides on what you have done and helps you understand where you have failed and what you can improve.

To expand the information shown on the main screen of this timeline, you can click on the game you want to study. You will be able to see what goals you have achieved and also what you bought and at what point in the game you did it.

The greatest contribution of data is given by the victories, where you can see a summary of your game, where it is shown when your situation improves. In addition, you will have data such as the places on the pitch where the champions were defeated and also where the results of your team have been.

An interesting piece of information this story makes available is the player stats, where you can see the action averages of each sample. These statistics are divided into different points, where the qualities of each player and his intelligence within the game are highlighted.

How useful is League of Legends match history?

There are two reasons why this can be a playmate, the first, to get to know yours performance and the second, to know those of your enemies. Many times you will be lucky enough to face the same teams and it will be an advantage to know a little about their stats. One piece of information that can help you increase your stat is knowing the aspiration spell.

Before each battle it will also be useful to know the name of the League of Legends champions in order to investigate them and know their statistics.

It is also quite necessary know how much damage your game strategy has caused, being able to determine if there is something to change in it. Consider each element of the statistics very carefully, they can help you rise in the rankings.

If you consider your enemies, you can see where the flaws were in their strategy and take them as a guide to avoid them in your game. On the other hand, if there was an element of his game that you liked, you can know exactly what it was.

If you are a content creator, League of Legends game history can be very useful, you can save the video of your games. Also consider that you will be able to share the data of the game played through your social networks.

Interesting facts about the history of League of Legends

For a long time this history has been offline, which has generated a lot of discontent among most of the users. But really, the wait was worth it, when this tool reappeared in the game, it had been changed in its entirety.

It started to have all the data we mentioned earlier, plus it was used by many people to consider strategies. Remember that climbing the ranks of this game is not easy at all.

Keep in mind that this story has become one of the biggest game tools for many, its data is of great help. Many consider it an ace in the hole, as it can help you remember specific combinations and attacks.

Finally, you can count on the ability to share any comments on their strategy and how they could improve it with your teammates. As a team, history can be one guide to a sure victoryBy avoiding repeating the mistakes of past battles, they will have a better chance of advancing in the game.

If your game has an error at any time, don't hesitate to contact League of Legends technical support via Gmail. Among the errors you can find is the fact that your League of Legends game won't open to you.


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