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How is the new PlayStation 5 and its controls?

To get started with this kind of informative guide and to get you to quickly learn what the new PlayStation 5 and its controls are like, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that they will be provided to you today the official specifications, which you can see on the same official page from PlayStation (like the price which is 499 euros and 399 in the digital only version).

If this has become clear to you, then it's time to get started. First of all you need to know the things that will improve compared to the previous generation and these would be: that there will be no more annoying loading screens, that is, the generation time of the worlds will be reduced to a few seconds.

This is because you want the new experience to be much more immersive than the previous one (not just because of the better graphics), there Sara also the double the space for game storage (ei games will come even uploaded to the cloud).

In the same way, the speed of the streams will be ultra-fast as promised by Sony, e the update patches will be much smaller thanks to a new system that will use the games, and finally the sound will be in 3D.


Since you already know what the PS5 will bring to the table, it's time to speak in technical language, so that those who know the subject realize the power of this console beast. the specifications would be:

One 2 GHz (variable frequency) 8-core Zen 3,5 CPU, one 10,28 TFLOP GPU, 36 2,23 GHz (variable frequency) CU, 16 GB GDDR6 / memory / 256-bit interface, width of 448GB / s memory bandwidth, 825GB storage custom SSD, RDNA 2 custom GPU architecture, IO 5,5GB / s (Pure), 8-9GB / s average (Compressed).

It will have an NVMe SSD memory expansion slot, external memory with USB HDD compatibility and a 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive.

The PS5 controller

With the above, part of the unknown has already been solved, how is the new PlayStation 5 and its controls? So finally, it's time to talk about one of the revolutions of this console, its new controls.

Inside the Sony company it was said that the control would leave all the good of the DualShock 4, such as the touch screen, but that this time a technology never used before would be implemented, these are the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Both new technologies, what they do is replace the mundane vibration of the previous control, and place one that changes depending on what is done in the game, letting the player feel everything as if they were there (you can hear swords, bows, guns, different roads, etc.).

In addition to this control, a new button called “Create “, Who still has no idea what to do. Finally, the controller specs are: 280 grams of weight, dimensions of 160mm x 66mm x 106mm, and a 1560mAh battery (so you no longer have to worry about extending the controller's battery life).

All you have to do is get out of here and buy your console. But first you should look for things like: How to change ID online or revert to previous one on PS4? , to enter the new generation as a new one.

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