How is the new Xbox Series X and S and its controls? Full price and functionality

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How is the new Xbox Series X and S and its controls? Full price and functionality

Both consoles stand out for offering a lot of new features, but you need to know that control is pretty much the same as on Xbox One (with slight differences). Most importantly, read the following information.

Serie Xbox x

Starting with the processor, we have the technology provided by AMD, with a more specific 7nm processor. For this console, AMD offers its AMD Zen 2 technology, with an eight-core processor that has a base speed of 3,8 GHz or 3,6 (when using simultaneous multithreading).

The chart is also provided by the AMD company, for this the architecture is used RDNA 2. The graphics will run at 1,82 GHz and have a total of 56 compute units, 3884 cores.

As for RAM, we have RAM GDDR6 and 16 GB. Of those 16GB, 10 will run at speeds of 560GB / s, shared with graphics as well.

As for its performance, the console aims to offer an experience of 60 frames per second at a resolution of 4K, in turn it will also have compatibility with high refresh rates, with 120 more specific frames per second.

On Xbox too, you might be interested in what Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is and how it works. In turn, we invite you to learn about the appearance and dimensions of the Xbox Series X.

Appearance and dimensions

One of the coolest aspects of the Xbox Series X is its appearance, much like towers or computers. This was done for better dissipate heat, as the components will consume approximately 315W of power.

In any case, although the effectiveness in terms of temperature is sought, the appearance is also taken into account. It's a beautiful and eye-catching console, with a very well polished rectangular appearance. Its dimensions are 30 cm high, with a depth and width of 15,1 cm.

In addition to the above, we have 1 Blu-ray drive, HDMI 2.1 port, ethernet port and three USB 3.1 ports. In terms of storage, the initial version of the console will have 1TB on an SSD made specifically for Xbox Series X.

If you own an Xbox 360 or Xbox One console, we encourage you to use Xbox Live Gold on Xbox 360 / One. In connection with the above, if you are wondering about Xbox Series S, read on.

The most basic version, Xbox Series S

In general terms, the Xbox Series S hardware is similar to that of the Xbox Series X, however Xbox Series X is the most powerful version of this system. In fact, the total computing capacity of the Xbox Series X version is said to be around 12 TFLOPS, while that of the Xbox Series S is about 4 TFLOPS.

Xbox Series S aims to deliver a 1440p resolution experience, lower than its counterpart which aims to deliver the 4K experience. In any case, this version also comes to offer up to 120 frames in some titles.

Appearance and dimensions

Arguably the Xbox Series S console is more in line with what we've seen in past generations. In fact, its appearance is very similar to that of Xbox One, being excellent if you want a travel option.

One of the downsides is that it doesn't have a Blu-ray drive, so you need to download all the titles. The console has the HDMI port, 2 USB ports, the Ethernet port and initially we will have a 512GB SSD. In these times of new products, it's no longer to see what games release the new Xbox X and S Series.

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