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There is the Partner option, where you can enter your car and a Uber driver there manages for you; Driving Partner, who drives your car; o Driver, who drives a partner's car. But what is the exam to be part of UBER like?

What you need to know for the UBER exam

All people who want to work at UBER have to go through a fairly rigorous and thorough process to get certified, to be a UBER driver they have to meet the requirements. In this process they have to pass a psychometric test, in addition to other things, which are mandatory for UBER.

What's it about? In an assessment of the applicants' personality; in this process, who is eligible to become the main partner and who is not.

The examination that is carried out is psychometric in nature, and usually analyzes eight different features ; which are: respect, customer service, emotional state, intelligence, compliance with traffic regulations, violence, manipulation and sexual harassment.

You need to answer a total of about 52 questions, tasks and other reagents and lasts more or less 1 hour. This is done to obtain results of the external and internal behavior of the person for safety reasons. 

Also, in order for UBER to certify you you need IFE, proof of address and make sure you have the appropriate license type; as well as a letter with no criminal record no older than three months. 

Without these requirements for UBER it is not possible to continue with the process. In this first phase, about the 25% of documents are rejected, mainly to present some kind of inconsistency. Candidates have the option to resubmit the original documents for evaluation.

In addition, a reliable filter or a further search in the criminal record arrives between examinations of up to 500 public databases; both state and federal. One is also included review of the minutes of conviction for sexual crimes.

Is the UBER exam difficult?

Remember that UBER exams were developed to know what the person inside really is like; so it largely depends on how each person interested in working for UBER responds to questions that are asked; also how it cares for users with visual, physical or mental disabilities.

It's difficult? We cannot say if it is difficult or not, it will all depend on each person's answers and their life story.

Currently UBER has issued a statement to warn that toxicological tests they will be performed more frequently and randomly; for greater reliability before and after activation

Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers, as a psychometric style test thoroughly assesses the your personality. Then the exam evaluates if you are the profile that the UBER company is looking for.

Some applicants are unable to complete the registration processes or some documents are not valid or complete; or some of them simply are not accepted by the platform, so if you fail the exam, unfortunately for security reasons you will have to wait about six months to re-apply.

UBER certification

Once you know if you have passed the UBER exam, you need to be certified, you will need to create your account as a UBER driver; the cost of certification varies , is around $ 25 ; It will be discounted in 4 weekly installments, you can certify online or in person, and for this you have to find the UBER offices in your country.

Every security feature built by UBER has a purpose and that is to create a safe environment for users. We recommend using UBER because it offers you quality and speed in all your journeys; you won't have to worry about your safety.

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