How it works and how to play Overwatch co-op mode

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They will also be in able to assemble teams of 4 and 6 characters and form more games between players. Players of both versions of Overwatch will be able to play against each other. It has an improved technical aspect. It has bigger maps and new enemies and factions.

Want to learn more about this Overwatch co-op mode! We'll answer the questions you've surely asked yourself: How do you play co-op? How does this new mode work?

Overwatch with its new Al PvE co-op mode.

How to play in cooperative mode? This new mode begins by choosing your game pairs to form teams. Each will select their character of their own preference, two will not choose the same hero. They will be able to select the most famous characters such as Wisnton, Mei and Trazer.

Overwatch, has new hero cultivators like D.Va, Bastron, and Moira among others that will surprise you. The team already made up will have to choose a mission and a stage of the game. These are divided into two cooperative sectors: Story and Hero.

Game history:

It will take them to a city known as Rio de Janeiro, Paris, among others, where they will have to defend it from potential enemies of the Null Sector and end the global crisis they cause. Characters will have new items and weapons, these will not be specific to heroes.

Hero Mode:

It will be a type of battle in which the characters will exceed their limits. They will defend cities around the planet from invading robots, elite agents and forces of evil.

They will have missions designed to be replayed constantly, this allows the progression of the character. They will have many powerful options customization by unlocking modifiers. Teams will control a number of zones on the map. In addition to defending your base and attacking those of your rival with a time limit. They will go back to the previous level if they don't respect the time.

Overwatch cooperative operation

How does this new mode work? It has new functions among many, you can quickly level up your chosen character and customize your favorite heroes to your own style. You can also choose your mission positioning based on the character.

Select your position on the team

Variants of character positions in the game will help put together better plans of attack. In addition to allowing each player to be aware of their position and position in the mission. What kind of hero will you choose?

The heroes of the tanks are the ones who go to the forefront of the battle. They take damage and tear apart protected positions as groups of enemies. Damage heroes in this category seek, attack, and annihilate. They are strong, but weak they need reinforcements to survive.

Support Heroes  they are the ones who heal, upgrade shields, improve damage and disable what is protected by the enemy. These go behind the mission because they are key pieces to the survival of the teams.

By completing their choice of location, they will choose the mission they want. To create plans and strategies they must take into account the abilities of each favorite hero they have chosen. The key to winning is teamwork.

Get ready to experience the thrill of playing co-op in Overwatch 2, it comes with everything, new characters, new enemies, new maps and missions, don't forget to invite your friends to join you to learn about this new aspect that Blizzard offers you.

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