How the lighthouse works in Minecraft - All uses of the lighthouse in Minecraft

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The lighthouses of Minecraft

Building a lighthouse is a feasible process that offers us many benefits. The truth is that Minecraft headlights are featured from offering much more than how much do you imagine.

In case you want to know how lighthouses work in Minecraft, we recommend that you read the following guide so that you can make the most of these elements.

How the lighthouse works in Minecraft - All uses of the lighthouse in Minecraft

Just like we can build a wooden bridge or build a windmill in Minecraft, we can build a lighthouse after Obtained obsidian, crystal and an underworld star by killing a Wither.

For the construction, you have to configure the ingredients as follows on the crafting table, three obsidian blocks in the lower three positions, in the central block you will place the star of the underworld and the rest of the spaces must be filled with crystal.

Using the above combination you will get a beacon that you can use at any time. However, some factors need to be taken into account, since the headlights Minecraft they offer some very interesting benefits.

Minecraft lighthouse functions: all their uses

Like headlights in real life, Minecraft headlights will act as a guide for locate us along the map. These headlights will emit a light that reaches the highest block in Minecraft, which in other words means we can see them with relative ease at great distances.

In addition to providing guidance when we are away, lighthouses are capable of providing certain special abilities, skills that will work based on the rank of our lighthouse. These skills are:

  • Speed: as the name suggests, this skill increases your character's movement speed (not to be confused with performance). Although you can also improve the performance in Minecraft if you change the video game settings.
  • Speed: The speed is related to how quickly your character will be able to cut through the different elements in the game.
  • Resistance: this ability will increase the resistance of your armor, causing it to take more damage.
  • Salto: as the name suggests, with this skill you will be able to jump higher.
  • Power: the strength skill will be able to increase melee damage in our battles.
  • Regeneration: this power is secondary and will serve to regenerate your character's health.

The base of the lighthouse and its range in Minecraft

Keep in mind that the headlights only work mounted on a specific base, this base can be made from the following materials: iron, gold, emerald or diamond. The headlights in turn are characterized by being set on various levels (4 in total):

  • First level: the first level consists of 3 × 3 blocks, this level has a maximum range of 20 blocks.
  • Second level: the second tier consists of 5 × 5 blocks and has a total range of 30 blocks.
  • Third level: this level has 7 x 7 blocks and its total range is 40 blocks.
  • Fourth level: the last level, consisting of 9 × 9 blocks and a total range of 50 blocks.

In case you want to use a fourth level lighthouse, you have to build the pyramid shaped levels, i.e. go from the fourth level, to the third level, to the second level, and finally to the first level, placing each of the bases as mentioned above.

Using all levels will allow you to access all powers mentioned above, in any case you can only use one at a time. These powers can be enabled directly in the lighthouse, you just have to get close and activate the mechanism.

In any case, keep in mind that it is necessary to pay for each power, you can pay with diamond, with emerald, with gold or with iron. In case you want to use two powers (where the secondary one is regeneration) you will need to have a lighthouse in a four-level pyramid.

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