How to access PC files from your mobile

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The number of applications that have been developed to make connections between devices faster and more friendly. They have enabled our mobile phones to become a very useful business tool today. But this time which application can I use it for access files on PC from my mobile.

It is very interesting to know these programs, tools, applications or functions that can perform a specific action on our computers without the use of cables or Bluetooth.

But more interesting is knowing how to apply them and put them into operation. That's why we want to give you a short effective explanation on how to access files on PC from mobile.

How to access PC files from your mobile

In order to access the files on your PC from your mobile, you must first download an application, both on your PC and on your mobile. The application we will use is called Unity and you can download it for both personal computers and mobile phones that work with Android.

The important thing of all this is totally free. After you are on the main Younity page, you need to press or click the Download Younity option. The download will begin and then you will need to install it. On your computer you will find it in the notification area at the bottom right, where the arrow icon is located.

This program will automatically synchronize all the data found on your PC. So that you can always have access from your mobile. Now what will happen is that you will be in able to access music files, video files, image files or documents via your mobile phone.

Now go to your mobile and after installing the program, proceed to press the Open button. When you open it, you will enter the configuration area, as it is in English, you have to select the Settings option. There you can see connected devices, associated email, etc.

How to use the application to access files

If you go back to the previous menu, you can see that there are different options like music, video, photos, files. By entering one of these options you will have access to files you have on your personal computer. For example, you can insert photos and observe all the images you have on your computer.

If you want to insert videos, you will find the videos you have saved on your PC. If you want to search for a file, enter the file option and you will have access to all files on your computer. The same will happen if you go into the music option, you will be able to play all the music you have on your computer via your mobile phone.

As you can see, it is a simply sensational application and in every moment you will have access to your files saved on your PC. There is no need to turn on your computer and you can view and play them with your mobile phone. It is a very versatile application and the best thing is that it is completely free.

Not only can you listen to it on your mobile, but you can also download it to your mobile if you wish. I can do this by searching for the song I want to download next to it. You will get three points, press them and then three options will appear in English. You have to select Download and the download will start immediately.

As you can see, it is a very useful tool for access files on your PC from your mobile. And you have learned how to use it quickly and easily with this tutorial.

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