How to activate a person's Facebook notifications on my Android phone or iPhone

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This can be given for different reasons or circumstances, and also because the same user has disabled them. Depending on the device you own, the activation of notifications is different, but just as simple.

To find out which one you need, you can continue reading this article and find out what is most convenient for you. Therefore, notifications will always be received in the notification bar of the Android or iPhone mobile phone.

Activate notifications on Facebook on my Android or iPhone mobile phone


To adjust push notifications its an android device, you need to access the device settings. Once there, click on "Notifications", "Apps", "Facebook" and then "Notifications".

Depending on the case in which it applies, this type of notification comes enabled or disabled in the application from the device.

i phone

To adjust push notifications on iPhone, you need to tap the device setup logo. There you will click on "Notifications" and then on "Facebook", tapping next to "Allow notifications" to turn them on or off.

Types of Facebook notifications on my Android or iPhone mobile

Push notifications

These are the notifications that are received when Facebook it is not actively used. They can appear on the lock screen or while using other apps from the device.

Even so, they will always be received at the email associated with the Facebook account. If you don't want to receive them, you can disable or stop receiving Facebook notifications in your mail. 

Notifications in the app

These are sent when you use Facebook, which appear in numbers above the “Notifications” bell. These notifications they cannot be completely disabled from the app, but you can decide what kind of notifications to receive.

Can I receive personalized notifications from a person on my mobile?

This action is not allowed by Facebook, as the notification settings they are very general. However, you can decide what kind of notifications to receive, taking into account their importance.

The notifications that people will receive are about the interaction of the shared content. Once a post has been shared, commented on or reacted to, you will receive a notification.

In case of many interactions with a friend, Facebook will notify you when this person shares something mutual interest. If this is to be avoided, you can go to the section " Settings "And then in" Notifications ".

Thus, it will be decided which notifications you want to receive and which not. Some can be blocked or you can unfollow users who don't want to have notifications.

Other actions like knowing who blocked you from Facebook are a little more complicated to do. However, by accessing the App settings, you can get this kind of information.

Synchronization of contacts in Facebook Messenger

This is a tool that can work so that the contacts you have on your mobile phone can be found in Facebook Messenger. However, in some cases it can be harmful to the protection of confidential information.

When establishing contact synchronization in Facebook Messenger, you can do it with the telephone and the e-mail. This is something that is usually accepted when downloading the application, so it is sometimes harmful.

Despite this, it can work to facilitate information and Facebook Messenger notifications will be received via mobile phone or e-mail. It is only necessary to take into account the stipulations in Facebook's privacy policies for this option.

In this way, inconveniences in the sharing of personal information, being more of an advantage than any confidentiality issue in its entirety. It is also possible to unsync contacts on Facebook Messenger, which is a quick and easy process.

All of this can be given by having contacts who don't want to be on Facebook Meseenger or vice versa, thus having a better management of the Facebook account at all times and being able to decide.

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