How to activate and use Instagram Shopping to sell products?

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Social networks have taken on great significance in recent times, especially in 2020. Within its spaces, we not only share our lives, but we can also carry out commercial transactions from its platform.

Thanks to the latest update of the Instagram social network, users have been fascinated by the novelty of Instagram Shopping. Within this new tool, you have the ability to tag different types of products you are marketing to turn your Instagram profile into your little virtual shop.

In this way, your users will be able to access the catalog of the products you offer and identify themselves with the materials you have, so that you can receive a lot of earnings through your account. If you want to know more, in this post we explain the details of what is now known as Instagram Shopping.

How does Shopping on Instagram work?

Generally, when you already have all the settings so that your account is a mini virtual shop, it will only be necessary for customers to start arriving. When they reach your Instagram page, the first thing they will do is enter the photo of the product they like the most.

Subsequently, its price and a small description will be previously labeled on the product, which appears to the user, once he clicks on the article he selected. In addition to the price, the purchase options and payment methods will also be reflected.

If they click on the product they want to buy, the page will take them directly to the online store, where they can complete the purchase.

What are the requirements for shopping on Instagram?

  • To start the products you are going to market, they must be integrated into the platforms previously such as Woocommerce.
  • It is important that you have the latest version of Instagram installed
  • Own a business profile on Instagram
  • Company page within Facebook
  • Have the products available in a catalog within Facebook
  • Minimum 9 photos in your feed

Step by step installation

  1. To start you need to create your account within the Facebook commercial administrator and then link your account with that of yours Fan Page
  2. Once you have created your site as an administrator, you need to activate your website within the Facebook platform. For this you must also start adding the products that you will sell manually and then proceed with the enabling of your website.
  3. Since you have already added a product, this is where you will start adding all of them manually and after that, you will start with configuring the catalog of all your products. After adding all the products that will go into your catalog, you need to go back to your main Facebook page and access the " Store ”That you added earlier.
  4. From here it is important that you start accepting the policies and conditions described for merchants and then click the " Continue ".
  5. Next, you need to select the “Pay on another website” option and continue with selecting your local currency so that users know how to pay and how the transaction is made. Click on " Save " And that's it.
  6. You are ready to finish, and here you have to proceed to write the welcome message that your users will read, press the button "Add product" And that's it.
  7. Finally, you just have to add the basic information of your products and wait for the system to validate it.

And you are ready to start yours firm and all your customers start raining.

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