How to activate dark mode on any android mobile?

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Next, we will see how to activate dark mode on any android mobile so quick and easy so you can save battery and not strain your eyes so much.

The fact that mobile devices have battery problems isn't exactly new. In each new generation we find more powerful phones, with better hardware, large screens, etc.

This obviously has quite a big impact on the energy consumed. How can we save the battery? One of the things we can do is use dark colors on our mobile.

The darker and less bright you have to use on your device, the longer the battery will last. Remember that the screen is one of the things that consumes the most energy, of course, while the less brightness it has, the less it will consume and the difference can be quite important.

For this reason, today we are going to see how you can configure dark mode on any device with Android. It doesn't matter which version of Google's operating system you have. Although you should keep in mind that, depending on the version, the method for activating dark mode can vary.

How to activate dark mode on Android

Not having a native option for configure dark mode in android. What we're going to do is use launcher-type applications like Nova Launcher, which is lightweight and simple to use.

When we install Nova Launcher, the entire Android interface changes. But not only the interface, but also the launcher itself has several options that you can configure to your liking to adapt your phone to your needs.

One of these options is the " Night mode ”Which can be activated whenever you want. You will simply have to mark the option as always and that's it. You will always have the dark theme on your mobile device.

Another thing we recommend is the use of dark wallpapers on android and apps. Set a dark background and, for example, in WhatsApp you should have another dark background, taking advantage of the fact that it is one of the few things we can change in the application.

How to activate dark mode in Android Pie

Something you should keep in mind is that not all manufacturers have chosen to add dark mode in their customization layers. Typically, devices with pure Android have it. In case you can't find it, we recommend you in the previous method.

To configure dark mode in Android Pie what we need to do is go up Settings> Display> Advanced> Device Theme. If you can't find it here, you can find it in Settings> Display> Dark Theme. From this place we will be able to easily configure the dark mode of our device.

The problem is that the whole system does not "darken" some details such as notifications will continue with a light color. Honestly, whatever version of Android you have, we recommend using the Nova Launcher option or one of the hundreds of existing Android launchers to customize your device.

As you can see in a few minutes you can have the dark or night mode activated on your mobile device without any kind of problem regardless of the Android version you are using.

On many occasions it is advisable use lightweight custom launchers as, in case your idea is to save battery, they require fewer resources to run not only will they run smoother, but will also consume less battery.

You already know how to activate night mode on Android with these two simple methods to do. Now the only thing left is to enjoy those extra hours of battery life and your Android device.

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