How to activate Facebook couples and create a dating profile for flirting

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But now social networks, especially Facebook, can give you the opportunity to do so and here we will teach you how to activate facebook couples and create a dating profile for flirting.

Yes, as you can read, this social network already offers you the possibility to find a partner and you just have to activate it. And it will be that he wants to compete with Tinder, which is one of the online applications that has millions of users, willing to create their own profiles and get their sweetheart anywhere in the world.

However, the social network Facebook has a new feature called Dating for all its users . With it activated, you can meet people anywhere in the world, but it will all depend on the configuration you give it. As you can configure options based on location, distance, etc.

There are also other options that you can configure, such as the gender of the people you want to meet, their age, physical appearance, in short there are many and here in this article we will teach you how to activate Facebook pairs and create a match profile for a league. Quickly and without many complications.

How to activate Facebook couples and create a dating profile for flirting

The first thing we need to do to activate this function is to go to the Facebook application and log in. As we have already explained before, when we have to do some configuration we have to go to the top right and make a clip or press on the symbol that contains three horizontal lines.

Once this is done, we are presented with a number of options such as groups, events, close friends, but what we are interested in selecting is Couples. To select it, press, a new window appears where we will be welcomed. It will also show us a brief description of the function you are going to activate.

Then you have to press the option Start, there takes you to another window and explains the following. "We will not share your partner profile with your current Facebook friends." Then you can see the option appears NEXT, which you have to choose, by pressing. It takes you to another window.

In this other window you will see the options for I am…,  where you have to enter if you are a woman, a man, more options. Then below you will see the option And I'm interested…, Where you have to choose between women, men, more options. After making your choice, hit the Next button.

Configuration of the Facebook partner function

In this new window your location for couples appears, with a brief description of your position that you can always change in your preferences. After reading the information you can press Next. In the next window you can change your profile photo, if you click on change photo it will take you to your photo library and choose the one you want.

The next step you need to take after changing your profile photo will be to choose the Next option. This action will take you to the window Confirm your information, here you can see your photo, your name, your location. It also explains how will be used the information provided in Couples.

It will also explain that the data you provide in the Couples feature will have no effect on your Facebook profile. Therefore none of your friends can see the information you have provided as a couple. Unless some of them also activate this feature.

What does all this mean that you will have two profiles, one on Facebook and the other in the couples function. Now to finish you have to select the option Confirmation, once this is done you will be in the window Couples and you will be able to see the profile options of couples, interested couples and conversations.

In the upper right part, in this same window, you will find an icon that if you press it will take you to the appointment settings. Here you can change other options that have to do with your location, age, distances, etc. And this way you can activate Facebook pairs and create a match profile for a championship.

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