How to activate Messenger private chat on Instagram - Temporary mode

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One such application is Instagram, a platform that has caught on, thanks to all of the functions that are updated from time to time, such as Reels. Some functions of this application, before were not even thought of as something that could be possible, such as sending stickers or activating or deactivating the last active time in the application.

Next, we will explain the Instagram mobile application and how we can make the most of it, in case we have a problem when we use it. It is normal for applications that are always updated to have problems, so we will explain a problem of these and how to fix it.

How to make the most of the main functions of Instagram?

It is no secret that this mobile application has many features and you can take advantage of them more easily than accessing an Internet browser. For example, creating an Instagram account from your browser is simple; but loading a publication or a story from your pc is a bit more complicated and although it can be done, it takes more time.

Instagram stories

Speaking of the stories, we will explain a little of them; This is an option where you can post something for 24 hours and it will automatically delete itself after this time. Also, within the stories you want to post, you have the option to only send it to a list of best friends that you have previously added and edited.

Many people who have a virtual shop and use a account corporate on Instagram, they consider that, with stories, they can learn more about what to post in their stories. This is because, the more Stories you post and keep your account active, the more audience you can reach and make them feel comfortable with the content.

And this or it is, with the photos you post in your story, you can try the filters created for your photos or insert them later. In addition, with the stories you can upload texts prepared by you, make surveys or questions that others can answer and the answer comes to you in private in chat.

Chat private su Instagram

Now, speaking of the private chat that Instagram offers, also known as DM (direct message for its acronym in English), a feature that has been a part of Instagram for a long time. With it you can send texts, audios, photos, stickers and even in one of the latest updates you can have a secret chat within a chat.

To activate this function, after having entered your account on Instagram and aver added the icon that looks like a lightning bolt lying down, select the chat you want to write to. Once you are in chat, place your finger on the screen and slide it down and the ephemeral mode will exit; to deactivate it, follow the same procedure.

How the ephemeral mode of Instagram and Messenger works

Chats have evolved very quickly on various social networks in recent years; They have gone from being just a place to chat and make friends to one virtual connection and a meeting center with other people from all over the world. This has encouraged more and more users to install these applications on their mobile phones.

However, there are many users who prefer to avoid their messages and the information they share via these chats are saved or kept there for a long time. Therefore, several mechanisms have been created so that those conversations that we usually consider extremely private do not have any inconvenience.

So, in the case of Instagram and Messenger, there is the 'ephemeral mode'; This allows users of either of these two platforms to have chats with a high level of privacy. This basically consists of deleting the messages, photos, videos, gifs and other files that are sent when the other person has read them.

In addition to this, there is no record of the activity which is implemented by implementing this communication tool. So, if you want to talk to your partner, best friend or someone else about something very personal and private; this is the most efficient alternative to do it.

Learn to enter ephemeral mode step by step

If you would like to apply the ephemeral mode to feel more comfortable in chat, we will explain each step in detail. But, before you get started, you need to make sure you have the latest version of each platform installed and then follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your Messenger or Instagram account on the device
  2. Go where the chats appear
  3. Find one to test how this mode activates and works
  4. Enter this conversation and slide your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen, over the line to write a message (act as if you are viewing the Instagram feed or the Facebook homepage)
  5. There you will get an option when you hold down the screen that says "release to activate temporary mode"
  6. Once you have stopped pressing the screen, it will appear in black and, in turn, an alert welcomes you to this ephemeral mode
  7. Read the terms and conditions and then click on 'accept'
  8. This mode will be activated immediately for the chosen chat
  9. Here you will see two messages on the screen: above it says 'disable temporary mode' and; below it says "ephemeral mode"
  10. If you want to deactivate the temporary mode, press where indicated and that's it

In short, you don't need a new application or alternative to activate it; it's about updating applications. After activating it, you can rest assured that there will be no recording or backup of these chats; Also, if the other person takes a screenshot of the conversation, you'll get a notification. So sit back and chat confidently with ephemeral mode.

Why am I not receiving private chats on my Instagram account?

At this point, referring to the chat on Instagram, it happened to many users that the option for enter the chat does not appear or don't answer and go away. However, this is a problem that has a solution, as the problem arises for a very simple reason to determine, which we will explain to you.

If your problem is this, that the Messenger icon is not showing on startup, this could be due to a failure to update the application. So, in such cases the solution is simple, install or update to the latest version available in your mobile application store.

If the application is not up to date, it will inform you in the application archive, because when you enter it, a box will appear with the word "Update". As you can see, the process of solving the problem is quite simple; You can also try clear the cache or data of the Instagram application.

By following these steps in detail, you will be able to start using and enjoying all the functions offered by the Messenger private chat on Instagram in your account.

How to connect Facebook with Instagram

There are currently four applications with the same owner and therefore it is possible to connect them to synchronize your data and share your content on these social networks at the same time. These are Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp; where the current owner of the platforms is Mark Zuckerberg.

Now connect your Instagram account to your Facebook it is something totally simple; you must first enter your Instagram account; from there go to your profile (photo below right); once here go to the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and then click on the gear icon to go to settings.

Already at this point, go to where it says 'account', press it and then you have to go to 'share with other applications'. Select Facebook and that's it; This way, everything you post for your Instagram feed can also be seen on Facebook; the same way it works to share a story su Messenger o Facebook.

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