How to activate notifications on the lock screen of Android devices

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The settings will depend on the Android version that you have on your device, but in general they are quite similar in all versions of this operating system.

How to use lock screen notifications on my Android device

You can quickly dismiss notifications that come to you one by one by swiping your finger left or right.

If you want to delete all notifications at the same time, scroll to the bottom and press "Erase everything".

If you don't want notifications to come to you for a moment, scroll down with the screen unlocked and activate the mode " Do not disturb ". You can also do this from the settings in “Sound and vibration> Silence / Do not disturb”.

With this mode active, not only will your device not ring, but notifications will be hidden while the screen is idle and locked.

Another option you have is to snooze notifications. You may be too busy when it arrives or have to remind yourself later. To do this, go up " Settings> Applications and notifications> Notifications> Advanced settings> Allow notifications to be deferred ”.

So when you have one, swipe your finger left or right and click the clock icon. You can choose the date and time when your device will remind you.

You can reply to a notification by swiping down to extend it, for this you need to unlock the screen. In case you don't have any security method, the app will automatically open to respond.

If you have a pattern, pin or password to unlock, you will be asked first to enter the key to unlock it.

You can also manage emergency notifications so that your device alerts you only to the ones you think are important, be it applications or a particular contact.

How to turn lock screen notifications on and off on my Android

You can customize your mobile screen to be able to see or hide notifications with the locked screen. Among them, we can choose to show the content, hide the content or show only the app to which said notification belongs.

Having notifications active while the phone is idle with the screen locked is a good alternative to quickly see what it is all about.

The downside to this is that third parties without your permission they can see its contents without the need to unlock it, so it could be counterproductive.

To then protect the content of your device you can choose to hide the notifications so as not to have anything on the screen while it is locked or to show the notifications, but hide the content.

With this, you will only be able to know which app the notification belongs to. That said, we'll see how to set it up.

You can configure it from the settings. To do this, access the application from the menu or shortcut you have by sliding your finger down on the main screen. Then look for the option “Applications and notifications> Notifications”.

From there you can customize application by application from " Application notifications ". Or you can choose to choose the same settings for all applications, to show or hide them from “Show on lock screen”.

To turn them off, you just need to set the switch to “Off” and show them to “On”. It is also of interest to you to know how to turn floating notifications on and off, so that you can configure these to your liking as well.

As you can see, it's very easy to turn notifications on and off with the locked screen on your Android device. If you have any questions, please let us know by leaving your concern below in the comment box.

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