How to activate or enable the gyroscope on Android Smartphone devices?

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Uno tool ideal, when it comes to showing the speed of rotation to which they are subjected. This technology is a cross between an oscilloscope and an accelerometer.

Thus, it allows the terminal to register the aircraft it is in. We know this may sound a bit strange or complicated to you, but it is also the same technology used in the fields of virtual reality or also known as augmented reality, however there are small differences between both definitions.

It is this type of technology that allows users to enjoy various more immersive experiences mobile games of virtual reality and even viewing videos on YouTube with VR glasses or on your Android mobile using a special application for this.

However, this is something that is not available for all models. Since it requires several steps for its maintenance, in order not to lose its correct functioning.

In this post we want to give you all the necessary steps for you to activate or configuration the gyroscope of your mobile device.

Steps to enable / disable the gyro

Among the existing solutions for this task, it is important to know that they can vary between cell phone models. However, there is a method that is valid for most Smartphones and that is what we will show you below.

  • Start by going to your phone settings. Once inside, you have to enter the option “I my devices ".
  • Within the option, it is important to locate the movement section. You can find it with different names like: " Movements and gestures "Or also as" Movements ". Once you find this option, you just have to press it and this way you will be able to access it.
  • Once inside, you need to start the gyro calibration task. This is because since the gyroscope is always active, it is important to do so, to keep it in optimal conditions.
  • The system itself will indicate, step by step, the most efficient way in which it is possible calibrate this option without losing patience.

Likewise, it is possible that during activation or calibration, at the beginning you will not find the right options, if not quite the opposite, it is inside the button " Advanced Settings ".

How can I install and calibrate the gyro if my device does not have this option?

If your mobile device doesn't offer you any kind of support for this function, you don't have to worry, as a solution exists. Here we will leave you a step by step to install and calibrate the gyro inside your device:

  • To get started you need to create a plain text document (.txt) inside your PC to which you will put the name of: “android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope.xml” (without the quotes). After that, inside you will enter the following:
  • Now all that remains is to connect the phone to the PC, this must be done via a USB cable. When you see the option to use it, hit the mass storage option.
  • Now, take the file you just created and proceed to copy and paste it in the following path "System / etc / permissions".
  • Once you have carried out the previous step, you will only have to proceed to disconnect your mobile phone from the computer and proceed to search for the file. Once found, proceed with opening the file.
  • Enter the section " Octal "And write" rw-rr- " inside, inserting also the number 644. If you can't do this, you have to give the file permissions " Writing ". And repeat the process.

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