How to activate or force the 4G connection of my smartphone? - Quick and easy

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4g connection. What is that?

4G is the abbreviation for the 4 generation of mobile phone technologies, becoming the successor of 2G and 3G. This connection is distinguished by having a great speed, which offers a rewarding experience on the Internet, performance improvements and downloads of files of all kinds (videos, online games, music, streaming, even videoconferencing). Now that 5G networks are emerging, you will be interested in how it differs from 4G.

4G connection compatibility with smartphone

How do I know if my mobile is 4G? The equipment (phone or tablet) must indicate that it works in the 4G LTE band. In the device the terms LTE / 4G / L must appear in its technical characteristics of the settings. If you have an iPhone (IOS 10.2), go to Settings, search for mobile data, click on options, tap on voice and data and finally 3 options should be reflected:

LTE / 3G / 2G, tap LTE and activate. If you have Android we will try to explain to you based on the mobile model. Some terms vary. Once its compatibility has been verified, we will proceed to activate the 4G connection on your smartphone ..!

Activate 4G connection on Android

  1. If you have the versione Android 5.0 (Nexus 5x Team). See the settings, go to connections and wireless networks, click on more… then mobile networks and preferred network type and you will select 4G (recommended) / 3G / 2G.
  2. If your device is a Sony Xperia, the process is relatively similar: Settings, wireless connections, networks, click more… then mobile networks and network modes, select 4G (preferred) / 3G / 2G.
  3. If you own a Samsung of the Galaxy family: go to settings, connections (in some this option does not appear, but go directly to Mobile networks), mobile networks, click on network mode by selecting the LTE / WCDMA / GSM (automatic connection) option and in a few seconds the network is restored to 4G.

If you still have a device Windows Phone: Settings, mobile network, maximum connection speed and choose 4G. Note that these settings are valid if your device and the service provider and plan you are affiliated with offer 4G connection. It has been commented that sometimes when you like this connection while browsing, it tends to switch to 3G automatically. We will show you a way to solve this problem.

How to activate 4G through an application?

Through a program it is also possible to activate the connection. For this method to be effective, the device must meet certain conditions such as: Ability to lift 4G, preferably it must have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with Root access.

  • We enter the Google Play Store and install the app Network signal guru. He is free.
  • When you open it, you will find some graphs with the terms, we will focus on the top right and touch the 3 vertical dots.
  • We choose the Lock RAT option
  • In the Network Preferences screen, we select the signal of our preference, in this case it is LTE.
  • So simple we will enjoy one 4G connection, stable, constant and without alternations.

It is recommended to run the app in the background in order not to lose signal preference. Don't forget that this network depends on certain factors, since you can have fully compatible equipment and not enjoy it. Check your location. There are areas where there is no coverage, so you will need to be aware of where the cell phone receives the signal and where there is greater coverage.

Also make sure the service provider has a free customer service number who can assist you in case of problems with the signal, who can check it and give you a solution.

We have gathered enough information so that you can enjoy the benefits and experience the benefits of this connection. So that you can apply it on different operating systems without any problem. Manually and with the help of applications. You can also help others set up their mobile.

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